Be warned, there are SPOILERS in this review.

I’ve never had much experience with snow since I live in a place where it doesn’t snow in the winter… and to be honest I am fine with that because I cannot stand the cold.


It’s the first snowfall in years in Sakamoto’s city. Surprisingly, this is the first time that Sakamoto has ever seen snow like this. Atsushi tries to show off to Sakamoto since he’s experienced many years of snow as a kid. Unfortunately, Sakamoto still manages to one-up Atsushi every time. Discouraged, Atsushi goes off to sulk. Just then, Fukase emerges out of the shadows in order to “encourage” Atsushi by telling him to get into a fight with Sakamoto. So Atsushi does just than, and challenges Sakamoto to… a snowball fight. No points given for guessing who wins.

Don’t challenge Sakamoto to a snowball fight unless you want to be utterly DESTROYED

Even though Sakamoto ends up winning, Sakamoto’s kindness (in gifting Atsushi a handwarmer) does leave Atsushi somewhat emotionally conflicted. But mostly, Atsushi feels upset about never being able to be on “even ground” with Sakamoto. Annnnd of course, Fukase shows up once again; this time asking if Atsushi would be better off if Sakamoto never existed.

I still hate the crap out of this guy; because the fastest way to get me to hate you as a character is if you’re the type who preys on people to emotionally manipulate them when they’re most fragile.

Sometime later (presumably the next day), Sakamoto’s classmates start reminiscing about their school year, as the current school term is about to end. Meanwhile, Hayabusa holds an emergency meeting with the other delinquents in order to talk a bit more about Fukase (who is not graduating again this year due to missing too many days of school). The only person who doesn’t show up is Atsushi, who is still having conflicting emotions.

Let’s face it, Sakamoto is basically Dr. Dolittle at this point.

When Sakamoto photobombs, he does it with absolute style.

Atsushi finally goes off to sulk again, and is once again approached by Fukase. Fukase convinces Atsushi that he’s lost his sense of self, and the only way to fix that is to make Sakamoto “disappear.”

And so, Sakamoto’s penultimate episode ends on an ominous cliffhanger…

My Opinion:

Admittedly, this wasn’t too great of an episode. But that’s fine, because the first episodes of two-parters usually aren’t that great. So yes, this marks the first time that the Sakamoto series actually has an episode where the plot continues on into the next episode. Sadly, this will also be the last time we see this, as Sakamoto’s final episode airs next week. Alright, so there’s actually one more episode after that, but it’s going to be unaired due to episode 2 being delayed for a week. I’m not sure if Crunchyroll will air episode 13 (as it’s a DVD only release), and from my experience with CR, it’s unlikely that they will. Either way, I’m still counting next week’s episode as the last, because it effectively wraps up the Sakamoto series by covering the last two(?) chapters of the manga.

With all of that out of the way, let me talk about episode 11 itself. Like I said, it wasn’t all that interesting, apart from Fukase being a sleazy asshole manipulative as usual. I suppose it didn’t feel as entertaining because I’m so used to Sakamoto being a comedic anime, and this episode was fairly serious. I think Sakamoto’s and Atsushi’s snowball fight could have been funnier, but the emphasis was on Atsushi’s conflicted feelings so I understand why the comedy was dialed down.

The second act was kind of cute, in that Sakamoto didn’t play much of a role; so it was just the secondary characters reminiscing about stuff that happened during the school year. However, the act was also fairly ominous, because it was what lead Atsushi to basically, well… set out to kill (or seriously wound) Sakamoto. I feel like the Sakamoto series should have ended on a much more cheerful note; but I guess we’ll see what happens next episode. Also, I hope that Fukase gets some sort of punishment for his actions because holy hell.

Anyway, out of five:

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