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Tsubasa has just been hired as an A&R for B-project, which is composed of three male idol groups: Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. There are ten members in total (two for Kitakore, three for THRIVE, and five for MooNs). On Tsubasa’s very first day on the job, trouble occurs. B-project’s upcoming live performance is cancelled due to circumstances. Nonetheless, all the idols continue on with their tasks for the day as if nothing had happened.

Our female MC.

For her first assignment, Tsubasa oversees a recording by Kitakore. However, there appears to be some snags, as no matter how much the two sing, they can’t seem to harmonize with each other. Tsubasa is the only one who catches the problem, and it’s later found out that there was a mistake in one set of musical notes. After that is found, the recording is completed successfully. After this recording, the two members of Kitakore begin to respect Tsubasa just a little more.

When idols sing, they apparently emit golden sparkles.

My Opinion:

As a long-time anime fan, I have genres that I like and those I dislike. However, there are also anime genres that I just don’t care about, and those two are reverse-harem series and idol groups. So of course this anime was a mix of both of those things. Annnnd it’s also apparently based on a mobile app game.

So let me just preface this review by saying I am probably the person least suited to reviewing this. All in all, this episode actually wasn’t that bad. However, it did feel rather dull because I didn’t care about any of the characters. In anime where there are a lot of characters (that are obviously meant to appeal to either the male or female demographic), the characters usually end up being somewhat generic in terms of personality and appearance. B-project doesn’t have the worst designs out of all the boy-idol anime, but they’re still not noteworthy or anything. Personality-wise, the boys all seem kind of like they’re following common anime archetypes. And, I mean, you can practically see that in their appearances.

Tsubasa (the female MC) at least has a pretty cute design. Sadly, her personality is also kind of bland, because it’s obvious she’s meant to be the audience’s stand-in. Also, she’s been hired as the A&R (which I assumes means manager?) even though she appears to have absolutely no experience working in the industry. Will we ever get an explanation for that? Either way, this is ANIME so that means Tsubasa has some super special amazing ability to make up for her incompetence in every other aspect of the job. This may possibly be my bitter adult self showing, but that isn’t something that would ever happen in real life. And yes, I know anime is meant to be escapist media but gosh. This sort of thing just annoys me.

Can I also just say how cheesy this anime is? The dancing is… EXTREMELY CHEESY. And also the part when Kitakore did their recordings… When both of the two members sung, the anime decided to represent the powerfulness of their voices by making the characters emit GOLDEN SPARKLES. It was just kind of ridiculous and hilarious–which is probably not the effect the animators were going for.

Alright, alright; there were some good things about this anime too. The anime made a smart move in only having the episode revolve around Kitakore, the two-member group. So while ten characters is a lot to take in, at least the anime seems to be fully introducing them at a slower pace instead of just having all ten members for the entire episode.

Overall, I guess this isn’t that bad if boy-idol anime is your kind of thing. The strength of idol-based anime like this is on how good their songs are. The two songs that have been showcased so far aren’t bad, but they do sound like rather generic J-pop. Anyway, it could have been much more painful of an episode, I guess.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

What the hell does that even mean