Wish we could have actually seen the yokai world in this episode, but whatever.


Hanae Ashiya is a young man who is excited about attending his first day of high school. Unfortunately, he has the misfortune of stumblling upon a yokai the day before; and thus becomes haunted by it. The yokai seems to have energy draining powers, causing Hanae to constantly collapse before he can reach his class. This goes on for a week, and Hanae soon realizes that the yokai is growing bigger. Fed up with the destruction of his high school life, Hanae wishes to get rid of the yokai for good and stumbles upon an ad hiring exorcists. As he’s desperate, Hanae calls the number and soon meets face-to-face with a strange young man named Abeno.

Hanae’s mom is my favorite character so far because she is adorable.

Abeno at first refuses to deal with Hanae’s yokai, as Abeno had assumed that Hanae was applying for the job. However, upon hearing Hanae’s last name, Abeno decides to help Hanae out a bit. It turns out that the yokai haunting Hanae just wanted to play. Abeno reveals that most of the yokai he has met were like this–they are just lonely and want company; but humans think they are a nuisance and just want to get rid of them. Upon hearing this, Hanae feels bad about how he treated the yokai, and plays ball with it until it is satisfied. Afterwards, Abeno send it off to the underworld.

Unfortunately, Hanae’s troubles aren’t over yet. Abeno demands payment in underworld money, which Hanae obviously doesn’t have. So Hanae is forced to work under Abeno. To make matters worse, Abeno turns out to be Hanae’s classmate!

“Hi I’m the asshole main character and also I brood a lot”

My Opinion:

I generally love anime with supernatural elements like this (I did review Nekogami Yaoyorozu and Inu x Boku after all); but this series just fell flat for me. It’s not a bad series by any means, but there wasn’t anything about it that I felt was outstanding either.

I think the problem with this series is it’s just so “by the numbers.” We have Hanae, who’s the designated male protagonist(tm), and who’s a pleasantly nice character with a lot of *heart* but doesn’t have much personality beyond that. Then we have Abeno, who’s the designated “asshole with a heart of gold” character who plays the trope so straight that I could almost predict most of his actions in this episode. I mean, his character is at least a lot more complex than Hanae for it; and it would be understandable for him to be an asshole to humans because they treat yokai so badly. But at the same time, you could not be anymore of a bland asshole character if you tried. I wish we had gotten more info on the yokai, as Abeno implies that it was probably someone’s pet that died. What the hell kind of animal were you in your living life, then? I was initially not charmed with the yokai’s design, but it grew on me by the end of the episode. It’s sort of cute I guess, in a weird sort of way. The yokai honestly has more personality than both human main characters at this point, which is just sad.

The story so far is also really average. Once again, we start off the story with the MC about to enter into high school, but suddenly ~something happens~ to completely change his life, whoaaaah! His meeting with Abeno was at least sort of interesting, and the way they exorcised the yokai was unique in that they befriended it rather than forcefully exorcising it. But… I don’t know, I’m just not very invested enough to watch more of this. The animation isn’t bad so far, but man are the two MCs really generic looking.

Overall, this isn’t a bad series but it also isn’t that notable. There are also some downright bizarre attempts at humor, like Hanae getting embarrassed by his mom (a florist) constantly expressing her emotions through flowers (which I personally thought was cute); and also the whole class being disappointed that Hanae wasn’t a girl. This is probably the most average supernatural-based anime I have seen.

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

This was kind of cool I guess.