He just thinks your taste in BL sucks, that’s all.

Sakaguchi is a highschool fundanshi – a male BL fan. He sure loves him some BL. He loves BL manga and doujinshi, even though it can be nerve-wracking for him to buy in person. He’s obsessed with gay porn scenarios and beautiful men who screw each other, so, so very much. So much that he applies it to his real life friends for the sake of fantasies! But he’s not gay, no way! That’d just be weird!

no homo

I don’t usually bother reviewing shorts, but I decided to do this one because the plot is pretty different to usual. Also because it sucks.

I kinda was looking forward to this one because the idea of a series about a fudanshi is actually pretty cool. What I was hoping for was a slice of life comedy in which a gay or closeted fudanshi shares his frustrations about how gay men are portrayed in BL, etc, and maybe how BL helped him come to terms with his own sexuality. Or at least just something funnier. This is really not funny at all and the only positive thing I can really say about it is that it did use its 3 minute time frame pretty well, and not all anime shorts manage that.

I came in prepared for it to suck, at least, because last night I read a bunch of the manga after hearing about how HI-LARIOUS it was (spoiler- it wasn’t). Sakaguchi is basically just that kind of yaoi fan everyone hates – the one who has their fantasies bleed into real life – who ships real life people, who thinks two dudes getting it on is the literal hottest thing on earth…and yet who still somehow manages to come across as homophobic. He’s not gay, he’s normal! (Note: I am well aware that the English loan-woard noomaru (‘normal’), which is frequently used to mean ‘straight’, is not as outright homophobic as it appears to a westerner as it’s a loan-word and not the actual japanese word for ‘normal’, but given that its a pretty common English word in Japan with a meaning pretty widely understood outside meaning simply ‘straight’, it’s still…pretty homophobic. Fun fact, back when I taught English in Japan one of the English teachers spoke to the students about why they shouldn’t ever say ‘noomaru’ to mean ‘not gay’ because it’s really uncool, and taught them to say ‘straight’ instead. This whole conversation happened only because he was telling the class about his holiday in Rio where he was hit on by a gay man and had to politely decline. He also wrote ‘I’m straight’ on the whiteboard for reference, except accidentally wrote it in permanent marker and so ‘I’m straight’ stayed there without context for a few days. I’m only bothering to recount this annecdote now because it’s funnier than this crappy show was.)

I dont want to sound like I’m getting too offended by/reading too much into such a dumb anime, so keep in mind that, once again, the most offensive thing about this show is actually how unfunny it is. If ‘BUT I’M NOT  GAY!’ sounds like a hilarious punchline to you, get used to it, because its pretty much the only one this show’s gonna have.

Also, the animation is really damn ugly. The art in the manga is at least mildly attractive and fits the subject matter well but its really janky in this.

pictured: no homo

Out of 5,