This is supposed to be an 18 year-old, are you kidding me?


Aoba is a young woman who had just graduated high school, and has just landed a job at a video game company (comprised only of female staff). Although she has some trouble getting adjusted to her new job, she does manage to get the hang of things pretty easily. Even better, she will be working on the next installment of a game that she was a fan of in elementary school.

…yeah, i don’t even know what to caption this screencap.

While it’s nice that this anime shows off an all-female game production company… I feel like this is actually a step back for feminism because of… well, reasons that will be clear below.

My Opinion:

Let me just preface this review by saying this anime just severely pissed me off. So if this review sounds more rant-y than usual… that’s why.

First off, a high school graduate gets hired by a game company without any college experience or any experience with computer programming at all, are you shitting me? Secondly, why the hell does Aoba look like a middle schooler? Yes, the anime actually pokes fun at this, and never fails to hammer it in that Aoba looks like  middle schooler; but pointing this out doesn’t make Aoba’s design any less terrible. Third, how the hell is this game company still in business when everyone’s so laid back like this?

Anyway, yes; I do understand that this anime’s main focus is NOT on documenting the actual process of making a game. This anime is essentially just a “cute girls doing cute things” anime, except applied to the game industry. Which just makes this anime that much more infuriating to me, honestly. Someone took a look at a list of niches that the “cute girls doing cute things” genre has already filled, and decided that we needed one for the gaming industry; because I guess anime nerds also love their vidya games. (*insert angry sighing noise here*)

This anime wouldn’t be as rage-inducing if they weren’t trying to hammer the moe aspects in as hard as possible. I mean, Aoba looks like a freaking middle schooler, for one. And everyone else doesn’t look a day past 18. Because this is meant to be a “moe” series, every character has an anime quirk ™ and generally acts pretty blasé about their actual jobs. Can I also just say that I cannot STAND Aoba’s personality? She’s obviously meant to act in a very ~super moe~ fashion but it just comes off as annoying. She accidentally gets locked out of the office TWO times; and instead of knocking on the door to be let in like any sane person she just sits down and cries? Because it’s apparently “cute” or some shit??? JFC LADY YOU ARE 18 YEARS OLD NOT SOME KIND OF TODDLER.

Also, everyone just screams and yells all the time, at almost anything, practically non-stop. For how blasé they act about their actual jobs, they sure do treat dumb minor crap with utter seriousness and overreaction. Because, I dunno, that’s moe or some shit.

There was also a lot of fanservice in this episode, with one character who deliberately doesn’t wear skirts/pants (so that she’s basically in her panties); and copious boob jiggle physics on some of the more bustier characters. There were also a lot of creepy almost-upskirt shots. I mean, the fanservice present here definitely isn’t as bad as in some other anime, but it was just the shit icing on the shit cake tbh.

Overall, yeah, I hated this. I’m sorry, I just can’t give an objective view of this series, because I feel like this anime was a massive waste of my time, which could have been better spent doing something actually productive.

Out of five:

1/2 (as in, half. Just a half rating)

The only good thing about this anime was the animation quality.