To be honest… I wish I had been able to watch this rather than what I actually got.


There’s an art club. It’s got problems.


Alright, I’ll go into a bit more detail.

Usami is a high school first-year who’s part of a very strange art club, composed (so far) of only four members including herself. One of the members is missing (for the entire episode); one of them is the lazy club president, and the last member is a first-year boy whose goal is creating the “ultimate 2D waifu.” Usami is the only sane person in the club, which she kind of resents. However, she manages to fall in love with Subaru (the 2D waifu fanatic). It appears that the basic plot of this series will revolve around Usami’s unrequited crush.

I wanted to at least get a decent shot of Usami when she’s not screaming her head off at something.

That’s it; that’s his entire personality

My Opinion:

This anime was just… not good. It’s a little better than New Game! in that it didn’t enrage me as much, but this was still kind of a painful watch. First strike this anime committed: right off the bat, there’s a ton of yelling; mostly from Usami. I’m suspecting this works better in a manga format, because I see this so often in comedy anime based off of manga. Anime producers need to learn that screaming =/= automatic comedy. Second strike this anime committed: just introducing the characters one right after another. Third strike: even when legitimate attempts at jokes are made, they’re still godawful. Fourth strike: unnecessary fanservice. I mean… that panty-shot of Usami was pretty damn blatant. It’s also freaking creepy because it was the club president who took a photo and ISN’T HE A THIRD YEAR??? An 18 year old taking an upskirt photo of a 16 year old… classy. /sarcasm

There’s also a big, almost unnecessary amount of pure ANGST in the second half of the episode; because Usami is worried that Subaru is quitting the art club. As this is only the first episode (and a comedy anime at that) it was fairly obvious that Subaru wouldn’t actually be quitting.

Anyway, there are two things about this anime that I pinpoint as its biggest weaknesses. The first is the lack of plot. This is probably meant to be a slice-of-life like anime but seriously, NOTHING HAPPENS. I mean, that in itself wouldn’t be so bad if the show actually had entertaining characters; which brings me to my second point: the characters in this show are bad. This is another thing that I’ve also seen happen quite a lot in comedy anime. And that is reducing the characters to having basically one-note personalities. Instead of having fairly well-rounded characters with a small quirk; the quirk is enlarged to the point where that’s basically the only personality trait that character has. Usami is basically miss screams-a-lot (who is also extremely violent); Subaru is the dude who’s obsessed with 2D waifus; and the club president is “that guy who sleeps a lot.” As actual “quirks” this wouldn’t be too egregious, but as full-on personalities–it’s really grating.

Overall, this wasn’t a great anime. It basically took everything that was wrong about most comedy anime and shoved it into one awful package. TBH I wasn’t even annoyed at this series I was just really bored watching it. At least the animation is nice? Although it does look like it’s trying too hard to copy Kyoani’s style at times (seriously, Subaru from certain angles looks basically like Nagisa from Free Iwatobi Swim Club).

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2

This was the only scene that I thought was sort of cute… but one scene alone is not enough to negate the awfulness of pretty much everything else.