Don’t go stabbing anyone with that pointy nose of yours Yosuke

A group of young men are being trained as “Riders” to fight alien invaders called “Nightfly O’Note”. The Riders have the power to fuse with sentient monster-like beings called “Substance”. However, as they are stationed in the peaceful Ryukyu Islands, they rarely see any combat action. One of the Riders, Yosuke, is an angsty man who has difficulty transforming into his combat form properly.

One day, an attack finally occurs on a plane bringing new weapons from Tokyo. The Riders are ecstatic to finally see combat, except for Yosuke. While the others effortlessly dispatch the invaders, Yosuke runs into the plane to search for survivors. Inside, he finds a long-haired woman who seems to have some connection to the new weapon/power they were to receive. Somehow, the woman’s presence inspires Yosuke to successfully transform for the first time.


Okay dear readers, it’s now time to rip into one of my number one pet peeves when it comes to anime: first episodes that include an overload of random terms related to the show’s world, but do next to nothing to actually define those. Scared Rider Xechs is possibly the worst example of this trope I’ve ever seen. Characters kept going on about “Dirigent” and “VOX” and “Substance” and “Nightfly O’Note,” which might have been the (stupid) name of the alien invaders? It just led to me feeling so confused about what was going on. That two-paragraph summary above took far too long to write, simply because the show was really unclear about what was happening. (It didn’t help that there was a lot of random focus on a blonde girl visiting the training facility, who didn’t play any other role in the episode other than having a brief conversation with Yosuke.)

I did laugh at the Riders’ terrible fashion sense

It’s a pity, though, that the first episode was so poorly paced / structured, because I feel that Scared Rider Xechs, unlike most of what I’ve reviewed this season, actually has some potential. The idea of an elite combat team who finally sees action after years of boredom is pretty interesting, as is the fact that their transformations/powers seem to be based on music and sound. The monster/spirit things that the Riders fuse with in order to transform were actually what interested me the most about the show, as they are fully sentient and capable of conversing with their Rider. It’s a bummer that only Yosuke’s was shown in this episode, and only briefly.

The only other thing I have to say about this mixed bag show is that the animation seemed really, really….pointy. I mean, Yosuke’s hair was fairly standard anime-level pointy, but other things about the characters’ design shared a similar sharpness, including things that shouldn’t be quite that pointy, like noses and the corners of eyes. It kept bothering me throughout the episode, so the show loses further points for that.

Out of 5 Dios, this confusing mess gets:


This…fire…thing…was honestly the most interesting character