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Aww, I wanna eat a cute bento lunch as well…


Continuing on from last episode, Kotori asks Kouhei to come over for dinner every once in a while. However, Kouhei feels uncomfortable with visiting a student’s house, even if it’s for Kotori’s and Tsumugi’s sake. While Kouhei debates to himself about visiting the restaurant again, he learns (from another teacher) that Kotori’s parents had divorced when she was in third grade.

We’ll get to see much more of Tsumugi’s friends later.

Kouhei soon has a chance meeting with Kotori while still on school grounds. He asks to speak with Kotori’s mother, to see if it’s okay for him and his daughter to visit the restaurant. Kotori tells him to come by that night, for dinner as well.

Kotori, pictured probably being the happiest she’s ever been so far.

When Kouhei and Tsumugi visit the restaurant later that day, they discover that Kotori’s mother unexpectedly had to leave for work again, leaving Kotori alone at home. However, Kotori’s mother did leave a note, and instructions for making hamburg steak and pork stew as well. Kouhei and Kotori immediately get to work on the stew, and it’s soon found out that Kotori has a fear of knives. However, everyone pitches in to help (even Tsumugi), so Kotori feels a bit better. Because they both are new to cooking, Kouhei and Kotori only manage to finish cooking the stew; but they nonetheless have a good meal. Just before Kouhei and Tsumugi leave, Kouhei mentions that they’ll visit the restaurant again a few days later.

I can’t even imagine how painful it must be to love food (and cooking) that much and yet be terrified of knives.

I’ll… actually try to remember to screenshot some of the food next time…

My Opinion:

Sweetness and Lightning continues to be a cute series, with good looking food and heartwarming scenes. However… did the animation quality take a nosedive in this episode? The quality was rather noticeably lower in the first few minutes of the episode; but fortunately went back up to normal afterwards. It’s actually a bit concerning to see the animation quality drop this quickly; but I suppose that could also be attributed to the “rough” art style that this anime is going for. I just hope it doesn’t get too bad later on.

This second episode highlights why I like this series so much. Kouhei actually feels weird about going to a female student’s house! That’s more realistic than most other anime! Fortunately, he does eventually come around to the idea; otherwise this series wouldn’t exist. And hey, at least this situation benefits everyone: Tsumugi gets good food, Kotori doesn’t feel lonely, and Kouhei learns to cook.

Oh yeah, the anime did change one aspect from the manga. Might have been more changes, but this was the one I managed to catch. In the manga, Kouhei merely texts Kotori via phone to ask to speak with her mother. So the face-to-face talk was an anime only thing. Personally, I like the way the anime handled the scene; because it’s much more personal and also makes more sense. I mean, how would Kouhei know about Kotori’s phone number, unless she gave it to him? I have a feeling that Kouhei (who’s already uncomfortable about visiting a student’s house) wouldn’t feel comfortable with having a student’s phone number on his phone.

Overall, this was a good episode; if a little more serious than usual. Kouhei had to figure out how to deal with the situation, after all. However, now that that’s done with, the heartwarming aspects will definitely be ramped up from here on out. Knowing what the trio will eventually cook in later manga chapters, I’m excited to see these get adapted into anime episodes.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

*slams fists on table* THEY LOVE EACHOTHER SO MUCH!