With a face like that, Angelo may already been in the running for fave character of the season

During the Prohibition era, a man named Angelo reminisces about the night his father, mother and brother were murdered by members of the Vanetti organized crime family. For seven years, he has been living in hiding under an assumed name, waiting for his chance at revenge. He vists his longtime friend Corteo, a bootlegger, just in time to save Corteo’s machinery from being destroyed by members of another family, the Orco.

Angelo asks Corteo for permission to sell his moonshine to the crime families. He explains that he wants to get close to the families, in order to get his revenge without seeming suspicious. They succeed in making a deal with a bar owner, but it is interrupted by Fango of the Orco family. Fango insists that Nero Vanetti, son of the head of the Vanetti family, has been stealing alcohol from the Orcos. A gunfight breaks out, but Angelo and Corteo retaliate by creating an explosion of paraffin from candles burning gin, which allows them to escape. As they escape, the bar owner who wanted to buy Angelo’s alcohol reveals himself to be Nero Vanetti, the target of Angelo’s revenge scheme.

Nero’s design ain’t half bad either

There’s a lot to like about 91 Days. The animation is particularly nice, with a lot of focus on details such as cars, musical instruments and of course the alcohol bottles that were the source of much of the episode’s plot. The slick animation combined with the jazzy score and muted color palette definitely worked together to create an immersive early 1900s atmosphere.

The story, too, is very promising. While it seems fairly simple right now – Angelo wants revenge for his family – the implication at the end of the episode was that Angelo will become close or at least work together with his enemy, Nero, which could lead to a very interesting story. I also really liked the character of Corteo, especially how he used the information about candles Angelo had taught them when they were kids together to build an impromptu bomb.

Fango, meanwhile, just looks like a mafia version of Iyami from Osomatsu-san

However, I do have to criticize this episode’s pacing. The flashback to the murder of Angelo’s family took up a full half an episode, and I had a hard time being interested in any of the ‘cute’ scenes of the family interacting since I knew they were just going to die. The flashback was followed by an also lengthy and rather slow paced OP sequence, relegating all of the actual action and plot progression to the second half of the episode. I was also a bit confused as to a few plot points, such as why Angelo decided to contact Corteo again after seven years of separation and apparently (for reasons that were never explained) rejecting his offer of living together after Angelo’s family died.

91 Days seems promising, but it also seems very likely to fall into the same problem that caused me to abandon reviewing Joker Game – a lot happens in each episode, making episode summaries/reviews a complicated and overly long process. I’ll probably watch this show, and may give impressions about it at the end of the season, but I don’t think I’ll be blogging it.

Still, a solid Dio score:

diodiodio 1/2

Even for such a sad scene, the scenery is gorgeous