A First Impression (take two): Handa-kun Episode 2

Hey everyone! If you’ve read my review for Handa-kun episode 1, you’ll remember that I promised to review at least the second episode; as the first episode was really obviously a jokey faux-episode. So… here it is. I wouldn’t even be doing this if I wasn’t so fond of the Barakamon series. Did the Handa-kun anime improve at all in this episode? Well… I guess it depends on what your definition of “improvement” is.

Here we go again… for real this time.


In this episode, we finally get to see the ending to that “love confession” skit.

We also get to see two more massive misunderstandings (revolving around Handa-kun and his antisocial behavior); which ends up winning Handa two staunch supporters/fanboys.

Wish we could have seen more of Kawafuji. He didn’t get much screentime in the Barakamon anime either.

My Opinion:

Welp. You can’t say I didn’t at least try to give this series a fair chance, as I actually stuck around to watch the second episode. While this episode was a little less grating than the first, due to not having the Handa fanclub inexplicably take up half of the episode; it still wasn’t… that great. I am not really fond of the “characters keep misunderstanding each other” comedy trope. It can obviously be done well, but the way the Handa-kun anime handles it is just annoying. We get it. Handa’s an unsociable asshole. I guess the comedy is supposed to come from people still idolizing Handa even though he’s basically a gigantic loser.

But there’s just something really grating about how everyone acts. Why is there so much screaming? Alas, my poor eardrums. Also, I guess people over-reacting over everything is supposed to be funnier? I watched all of Sakamoto, desu ga and actually LIKED that series, despite Handa-kun having a similar premise. After having thought about it for a bit, that’s probably because Sakamoto, unlike Handa, is actually a likeable character.

Let’s face it, Handa is sort of an awful character–at this point in time. I think the reason why I ended up liking him so much in Barakamon was because he matured and also got a massive dose of character development. I realize that my statement is heavily biased; but having seen Barakamon first, the Handa-kun anime is honestly a huge letdown for me.

Overall, this is an alright series if you’re into that kind of comedy. It just doesn’t do anything for me, sadly. It’s kind of a shame about the animation as well (which looks kind of cheaply done). Anyway, if Handa-kun does well, we’ll probably get a second season of Barakamon; so here’s hoping for its success.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2

Not going to lie, I was feeling just as drained as Handa by the time this episode ended.

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