Sweetness and Lightning Episode 3

>tfw you see your mom on live T.V. dressed in a schoolgirl outfit


While at daycare/kindergarten, Tsumugi attempts to make a Hamburg Steak out of clay for her dad. Two of her friends give her some more clay to use, but a boy named Mikio gets jealous. He rats her out to the teacher; saying that she’s a thief for taking the other children’s clay. This causes a huge fight between the two kids, with the result being that Kouhei is called to pick up Tsumugi early.

I need an animated gif of the scene that comes after this, where Tsumugi just freaking slams the clay on the table. That had me in stitches.
Only anime can make kiddie tantrums seem cute.

While Kouhei reassures Tsumugi that he knows she isn’t a thief and that it was just a misunderstanding, Tsumugi still seems to be upset by it the next day. Due to this, Kouhei and Kotori attempt to cook up a Hamburg Steak (Tsumugi’s favorite dish) in order to cheer her up.

Not the best chefs in the world, but at least they’ve got heart.

While at Kotori’s restaurant, it’s clear that Tsumugi still has some unresolved issues. Thanks to Kotori’s insistence, Kouhei manages to discern the problem and resolve it, causing Tsumugi to go back to her cheerful self. It’s later revealed that Tsumugi was attempting to make a Hamburg Steak out of clay as a birthday present for Kouhei.


My Opinion:

Ouch, this episode hit me in the feels. I’ll be honest, I was sort of dreading this episode, because I knew what was going to happen, and dammit I don’t like seeing Tsumugi that sad. Luckily, everything gets resolved by the end, and everyone’s able to enjoy a good dinner as well. There are definitely a few more chapters like this in the manga, but I hope that the anime will animate something a bit more cheerful next time, as we’ve already had two rather serious episodes in a row.

Sweetness and Lighting’s greatest strength is that it manages to portray Tsumugi in a believable way. She acts like an actual kid. The way she reacted to being called a thief was rather realistic, and (just like real kids) it took her a while to get over it. I’ll admit, I did smile a bit at Tsumugi’s tantrum while at the daycare. It was sad to see her so upset, but her hiding her head with her smock was just too funny (at first).

My biggest criticism for this episode was the animation. There were some fairly obvious animation shortcuts taken in this episode, and a lot of times Kouhei’s face didn’t look quite right. I hope this gets fixed in the blu-ray release or something, because the first episode had some really nice animation.

So overall, this was a good episode. If you’re not prepared for it, this episode will probably make you tear up a bit. Other than the heartwarming scenes, I really like all the little touches the anime has added here and there. It makes Sweetness and Lightning’s world feel a little more real.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

In hindsight, the hyperrealistic food actually kind of clashes with the super cartoony art style, haha.

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