Eat your vegetables, Tsumugi.


Kouhei suddenly winds up with a lot of vegetables and decides to cook them as he doesn’t want them to go to waste. Despite loving food, Tsumugi appears to have met her match–Kouhei just cannot get her to eat green peppers. Thus, he asks Kotori for advice on how to cook them in a way that is palatable to Tsumugi.

Seems like Shinobu has just as big an appetite as Kotori.

When Kouhei and Tsumugi visit Kotori’s place for their usual cooking lesson/dinner, Kotori proposes that they make a gratin dish with all the vegetables Kouhei has. Kouhei and Kotori dice up some green peppers and hide them in with the other vegetables, before covering it all with a white Bechamel sauce. Finally, they bake the whole thing.

I’m pretty sure Tsumugi actually does say the Japanese equivalent of ROFL here but dang is it so jarring to see in subtitles.

They end up making a tasty dish. However… they aren’t too successful with getting Tsumugi to eat green peppers. But Kouhei seems satisfied that he managed to make Tsumugi eat some without her getting too upset by it.

As someone who has baked before, I can confirm that unveiling your first successful bake is a magical feeling.

My Opinion:

We finally get an episode where Tsumugi is picky about something! This is probably the first food item that Tsumugi has just outright hated, that wasn’t because it wasn’t cooked well. Little kids’ hatred of green peppers in anime is sort of a cultural thing; as real life Japanese kids seem to hate green peppers as well (or so I’ve been told). I don’t think I hated green peppers as a kid, but I do remember being a picky eater; so I can relate.

Kouhei’s cooking lessons have started paying off, as we can see him actually doing little cooking experiments on his own (putting the Hamburg meat into green pepper “boats”). But of course Kouhei still cooks best when he’s partnered up with Kotori.

Not much happened plot-wise in this episode, as all the dramatic stuff has been (mostly) dealt with in past episodes. We DO get a look at a new character, though. It’s Kotori’s friend, Shinobu. I don’t want to spoil too much, but we’ll definitely be seeing more of her later (and I mean, she’s in the opening and all so it’s obvious she’s a notable character).

Overall, this was an okay episode. I think this particular chapter just wasn’t really adapted well into an animated format. I remember the manga chapter being much more interesting to read though. The cooking portion of the show did seem a lot more in-depth this time, so that’s probably why everything else was just kind of glossed over. Also, Tsumugi had her hair in twintails the entire episode, which is a cute look for her; although she’ll probably have it back to normal by the next episode.

Anyway, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Tsumugi’s just too cute here.