I know that we’re already short on reviews atm, but I am moving soon so the review for Sweetness and Lightning episode 6 might be delayed. Maybe. I don’t know yet; it’ll depend on how much free time I have as I still have a fairly big assignment due before the end of my summer school term.

Anyway, on to the review!

Absolutely nothing suspicious here, nope.


On the way home from hanging out with her friend, Shinobu; Kotori happens to see Tsumugi going along with a strange blond-haired man. She follows them, fearing that Tsumugi’s been kidnapped. Fortunately, it was all just a misunderstanding, and Kouhei comes by soon enough to clear everything up. The man (named Yagi) is actually Kouhei’s friend; and had been babysitting Tsumugi as the usual babysitter wasn’t available.

Tsumugi and Kotori play together in the park’s sandbox while Kouhei and Yagi chat. Kotori asks Tsumugi about why she had rejected donuts from Yagi earlier, and Tsumugi says it’s because they’re “difficult.” That gives Kotori the idea to cook up some donuts the next day (one of Kouhei’s days off).

Between this and Tsumugi’s squeaky shoes I just about died from the cuteness overload.


The next day, Kouhei and Tsumugi arrive at Kotori’s place early in order to get the donuts ready by lunch time. Because they’re making donuts from scratch, the process requires them to wait it out while the dough rises. Kouhei and Tsumugi manage to visit a local arcade to snap some photo booth pictures during one of these times. When Kouhei and Tsumugi make it back, it’s time to fry the donuts.

The first batch of donuts ends up getting burnt because the temperature of the oil was too high. Fortunately, Kouhei and Kotori realize their mistake and have enough donuts left over to fry. The second batch is a success, and they all dig in gleefully. Finally, Tsumugi explains why she thought donuts were “difficult.” She wasn’t sure if they were a snack food or a meal; but she’s finally figured it out: they’re a special food that she can eat with her dad on his days off.

I wish I knew how to make gifs because Tsumugi was really adorable here.

I wish I liked donuts more ’cause I can’t stand super sweet things.

My Opinion:

This was a really cute episode. A lot of anime original content this time around, which was nice. I really like that the anime gave much more focus to Yagi hanging out with Tsumugi (which was just kinda glossed over in the manga). I also like that they actually showed Kouhei and Kotori failing at making a dish. They didn’t fail in the manga, which I’m guessing was mostly due to chapter page limits. But I mean, it’s much more realistic for them to actually fail every so often as they are beginner cooks. And as someone who’s had a lot of experience frying foods, let me tell you that frying food properly is a skill that needs to be learned. (Let’s just say my first few attempts at frying stuff turned out… not great.)

Not much for me to say this time around. This was just a very pleasant episode. Having donuts for lunch(?!) seems like sort of a strange thing but whatever. Everyone needs to let loose every now and again. I’m still kind of baffled by Kotori wanting to pair donuts with a salad for breakfast but… different culture, different tastes I guess. I think it’s fairly obvious by now you would probably want to consult a real recipe to make the food in this anime. This anime makes a decent effort at being informative, but a lot of steps are skipped over due to time limits/animation constraints. (The manga at least offers a recipe at the end of every chapter that you can follow.) I never knew that was how you would go about making homemade donuts. Too bad I don’t like sweets enough to go through all that effort to make them.

Overall, this was a good episode. There was a lot of extra fluff, but that’s honestly why I was so invested in this series in the first place. My only complaint is that the animation continues to drop in quality and that makes me kind of sad. Seems like most of the high end animation is going towards animating the food.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

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…Tsumugi’s got Kouhei’s eyes.