Ace Attorney Episodes 15-17

Technically this isn’t really a review, but I figured I should post something about these episodes anyway.

Basically me and Junko have been incredibly busy and haven’t had time to do anything here, and I was tempted to drop the series but I do still want to stick with it. So for the sake of saving time, I’ll have the next two episodes (being the first two episodes of the case after this one) as a batch review. I would have just ignored this batch of episodes but to tell the truth there were some things that annoyed me so much about them that I want to at least talk about that.

‘Aw rats, right on the boobs’.

The thing is, people have been dropping the Ace Attorney anime like a very hot brick made of out of compressed dog turds left and right.  No one is even trying to be kind to it anymore – and the complaints are always the same: it changes too much from the game, it’s not fun to watch, and the animation is absurdly awful.

But I’m still just that one person being all ”well it’s not…that bad…”, and so am doing my best to stand by the show because I just love this property too much. And I still maintain that it’s better than the Dangan Ronpa anime. It will always be better than the Dangan Ronpa anime. Even though in this arc it made some baffling stupid decisions in its adaptation, it is still better than the Dangan Ronpa anime. And if I blogged the Dangan Ronpa anime to completion despite it being the Dangan Ronpa anime, I can blog this to completion too. (On that note, I’ve actually been surprisingly enjoying both sides of the Dangan Ronpa 3 anime. It’s a pity I didnt have time to do the First Impression for the first episode of the Zetsubou half.)

Anyway, about those stupid decisions. First of all, they changed one of the key points of evidence that proves that Mayoi was not the person who committed the murder – even if she was possessed at the time. In the game, this is proven by a bullet hole in the outfit worn by the real murderer, but in the anime its proved by the fact that the murderer was not wearing this new ridiculous crown thing in the photo of her, which is now apparently part of the Kurain traditional channeling outfit. Harumi even goes out of her way to let us know that it’s not like the crown could have fallen off, either – apparently it fits ‘too snugly into the hair’ to fall off. I have absolutely no idea why they changed the evidence into something so weirdly flimsy and then treated it like the most decisive of the case. But it’s not the worst part.

In the game, what I really liked about this case was that I never saw the major twist coming – the fact that the nurse whose spirit Mayoi was going to channel was actually alive and impersonating her sister, Hanaka Nodoka – the one who had actually died. The anime completely gives this away early – as well as the fact that ‘Hanaka Nodoka’ is very obviously the culprit – by having this bafflingly pointless scene in which Kimiko and ‘Hanaka’ talk about how well The Plan is going, and Hanaka – who until the reveal only ever makes ditzy faces, makes an Evil Face that matches the expression of the fake Mayoi in the photo perfectly. Come the hell on.

On the plus side, Harumi is unbelievably cute. Her voice is cute, her actions are cute, she’s just cute, and it’s really fun seeing her animated. It’s just a shame that the ‘animation’ is still so…yeah.

Anyway rant over – here’s hoping the next arc is better…which will definitely be ironic, seeing as it’s probably my most hated arc in the entire series!

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