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Tsumugi was so cute here…


Shinobu (Kotori’s friend) one day walks in on Kotori cooking with Kouhei and Tsumugi. Kotori is obviously embarrassed about the situation (not having told Shinobu about her secret cooking days), but Shinobu takes it all in stride. Shinobu also wants to join in on the fun so a little party is proposed for that upcoming weekend.

Tsumugi is super excited about the party and wants to invite her friends. However, Kouhei immediately shoots it down, saying that it would be a nuisance for Kotori if Tsumugi invited a bunch of kids that Kotori wasn’t familiar with. To cheer Tsumugi up, Kouhei suggests that they hold two parties–one at Kotori’s place and one at their place. Tsumugi is satisfied with this plan. While she celebrates, Kouhei studies some of the invites that Tsumugi had already made. He comments that one of them looks like a gyoza (it was actually a crescent moon); and the two decide to have a gyoza party.

Shinobu’s really good with kids because she has younger twin brothers.

On the day of the party, Kouhei, Tsumugi, Kotori, and Shinobu gather at Kotori’s restaurant to make gyoza from scratch (with Shinobu bringing the ingredients from her family’s shop). Yagi unexpectedly drops by… and Tsumugi suddenly remembers that she had given an invite to Yagi a few days before. Because Kotori says that it’s okay, Yagi stays and helps out with making the gyoza.

Wow is everyone’s faces kind of QUALITY here

While everyone makes the gyoza dumplings, Shinobu calls Kotori out to the back of the restaurant in order question her about the cooking sessions with Kouhei and Tsumugi. After Shinobu realizes that cooking with the father-daughter pair is one of the few times that Kotori is truly happy, Shinobu decides not to encroach on Kotori’s time with Kouhei and Tsumugi in the future. The episode ends with everyone enjoying their home-made gyoza party.

If shipping these two is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

My Opinion:

Wow, this was a surprisingly plot-heavy episode! Shinobu makes her first entrance into the cooking arena… and then promptly leaves. I’m sure that many fans (myself included) would have loved to see her as a part of the permanent cast during the cooking segments. Unfortunately, the status quo is god and Shinobu ends up being an occasional cook instead.

I mean, I can understand this. Shinobu is too good of a cook and might have ended up doing all the cooking. The point of the entire series is that Kouhei and Kotori improve as cooks; so this would have basically nullified all future attempts at character development. Also, it would have ruined the dynamics between Kouhei-Tsumugi-Kotori. I just feel kind of sad because Shinobu rarely features at all in the cooking segments in the manga. Her personality would have been fun to have around. Oh well.

There were some changes from the manga chapter in this episode. There was some more anime original material (which I’m always happy about). However, the episode did leave out some fairly important dialogue on Kotori’s end. During the conversation that Kotori has with Shinobu behind the restaurant, Kotori blurts out in the manga “He’s like a dad… and also a guy… and it’s all mixed up…” If you’re not familiar with the manga, let me just tell you now that Kotori’s one-sided crush on Kouhei is much more apparent. This line was likely removed because the anime is airing on public T.V. (and teacher-student relationships tend to squick out a lot of people); and also because Kotori’s crush doesn’t really go anywhere (it IS a one-sided crush after all). However, I’ve seen people arguing that Kotori dealing with her crush is a pretty big character arc for her, so leaving it out in the anime was a bad move. I don’t feel particularly strongly either way myself, but I thought it would be a good idea to at least mention this in my review.

Overall, this was a good episode. Shinobu and Yagi finally get to join in on a cooking segment! There was unfortunately quite a bit of QUALITY ANIMATION but at least everything else was good enough for me to overlook that. I could really go for some gyoza right about now…

Out of five for this episode:

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Maybe I should consider holding my own gyoza party in the future…