Let's play 'guess which one is a main character'.

Let’s play ‘guess which one is a main character’.

I just got a shiny new template to help me with my synopsis writing! Let’s crack it out to save us all some time.

[ Aigasaki Kohana] is a pleasantly bland but smiley young girl who has just transferred into the staggeringly huge and ornate, european-architecture inspired academy, [Hoshigei], a fantastic and renowned place for kids who can use magic [art]. It’s her destiny to be here, because [her mother] also graduated from this place. One by one, she meets many boys with varying hair styles who all have their own special ability, including a happy childish one, a reliable older one, a standoffish loner one, a quirky one, a flamboyant half foreign blonde one and an asshole one. But, oh no. :c Everyone at [Hoshigei] is good at something except her! No matter how hard she tries to be good at [flower arranging], she just cant do it well enough to have [all the magical CGI sparklies come out everywhere that signifies that its ~magic~ art].  It’s a good thing she has a kind room-mate who can explain plot relevant things to her.
Then she realises that the key to unlocking her own [sparklies] lies in romancing one of the boys, given that her powers activated when she did something nice for one of them. But there’s trouble on the horizon because [the asshole one] suddenly declares he doesn’t like her because [she’s her famous mother’s daughter, which makes them enemies]!
[also I assume idols factor into this somehow.]

'Every time I try to sing all these goddamn CGI roses spill out everywhere. Every goddamn time. I'm not cleaning this shit up. This is why I'm such an angry asshole.'

‘Every time I try to sing all these goddamn CGI roses spill out everywhere. Every goddamn time. I’m not cleaning this shit up. This is why I’m such an angry asshole.’

I don’t really know what kind of standing Magic Kyun has, but I assume that it’s relatively popular given the bizarre amount of effort put into animating it (I mean, the show itself. The opening is weird and unappealing, especially how no part of the boys’ faces move except their mouth). If it weren’t for that I’d just assume it was just some other crappy Utapri wannabe that the boy-idol machine spat out when someone left it on autopilot, but apparently this is popular?

To be honest, I sometimes feel guilty reviewing stuff like this that is just so completely and utterly 100% not directed at me because it doesn’t seem fair. But man I just, I can’t help it. This stuff is just too damn corny for me and this one in particular felt especially lazy. It’s so by the numbers that it looks like some kind of parody anime that an otome-game loving character in another anime would be obsessing over. It doesn’t really feel like a real show at all. Even stuff as corny as Utapri manages to be at least a little fun, especially if you watch it with someone else, but this felt like a bargain bin knockoff that someone prettied up for some reason. Also, it’s freaking called Magic Kyun. That alone doesn’t even sound like the name of a real show that exists and demands to be taken seriously.

I actually do kind of like the concept of talents being manifested as sparklies that all have their distinct shape, feel and even smell, but it’s all cut short by the fact that I honestly do not think any of these boys are particularly talented at all. I can give some props to the sculptor, the artist and the calligrapher as it’s implied they did it rather quickly, and the calligrapher painted a gigantic message by running up a wall, so hey that’s kind of cool. That’s almost Dangan Ronpa level of ‘ridiculously good at a thing’, so that works. But then there’s the blond flamboyant dancer guy who legit just spins around flailing awkwardly in a way that looks absolutely goddamn ridiculous and not remotely as beautiful as Kohana tells us we’re meant to find it. Why is that good enough for sparkles? Asshole’s singing is not particularly impressive either, but it’s treated as the most spectacular and amazing talent in the show to the extent that it has a whole ridiculous sequence with sparkling crystal roses flying everywhere because of it. Kohana’s supposed to be good at Ikebana (flower arrangement) but not perfect, but how is her efforts – which looked just fine – worse than what they do? You could say that it’s because when she activated her own sparklies it was because she was giving the flowers to somebody else, but if just having your heart in it is the answer then why did Calligraphy Boy’s sparklies come out when he was so disatisfied with what he’d painted?

If you like this kind of show…at least its well animated? If you don’t, it’s just another forgettable otome-game-in-an-academy adaptation with equally forgettable character designs (except for Kohana’s roommate, she rocks) so you aren’t missing much.

Kohana dump those squares and date her instead she's the only good character.

Kohana dump those squares and date her instead she’s the only good character.