“Child of Peace” is exactly what I’d call a bank robber. Right.

Many years ago, a drug designed to combat insomnia accidentally turned a large part of the population into “Bloodivores” – blood-hungry vampires. A group of bloodivores successfully rob a bank, but their escape is halted due to an argument about whether or not they should kill a child who saw their unmasked faces. The delay causes a GPS implemented in lone female member Anji’s collar to activate, allowing the police to track them. Unwilling to leave her behind, leader Mi Liu escapes with Anji in a getaway car.

The escape fails, and all four robbers are captured. Mi Liu is revealed to be “the Child of Peace,” a practically unheard of half-bloodivore half-human. He is convinced he will receive a light sentence due to his father’s position in the government, but is shocked to discover that 15 people were killed at the scene. He suspects that someone was aware of their planned robbery and framed them. All four robbers receive the death sentence and are immediately imprisoned.

Mi Liu’s father, Mi Tenju, visits his son in prison. Tenju denies their familial connection and uses some sort of fire magic to torture him. The episode ends with a firing squad attacking the prison transport vehicle, presumably failing to kill any of the four main characters as they all appear in the preview for the next episode.

It’s 2016. Can we move past Tit Socks?

Bloodivores joins last season’s Servamp in the lineup of “vampires shows that make Junko feel like they’re really old.” Instead of seeing the four protagonists as these cool, edgy heroes, they just came across as annoying teenagers to me. They monologued about their reasons for robbing the bank during the act, but their reasoning boiled down to….the bank charged bloodivores higher interest. Also, the argument about “should we kill this kid who saw our faces” just made me yawn, because it was so clearly choreographed to make Mi Liu seem Heroic and Good. Instead, it just made them all seem dumb, as the delay is what led to them getting caught.

I really cannot think of a single positive thing to say about Bloodivores. However, I can think of several more negative things. Anji’s shirt is vacuum-sealed to her boobs, one of my least favorite anime ‘fashion trends’. Mi Liu cracking the safe at the bank is complete with the kind of utterly unrealistic hacking where the word “HACKING” literally flashes across the safe’s computer screen. The second in command of the robbery, Win Chao, was an obnoxious loudmouth who didn’t have a single line that wasn’t yelling. Also, the title of the show is silly, but in a way that makes me roll my eyes rather than laugh.

All in all, yawn. A major pass from me. Out of 5 Dios:


What’s this I’m not supposed to be blaming you for, Win Chao? Robbing a bank? Nearly murdering a kid?

this is totally completely 100% How Hacking Works