Uhhh warning for some… possibly unsavory themes discussed in this review below the cut. I’m probably being way too cautious here, but better safe than sorry.

The writers of this series: “hope you don’t cut yourselves on the pure EDGE we are giving off”


We start off with a super dramatic monologue badly delivered by an immortal teenage boy who throws himself off of a roof because he desperately wants to die. (Spoilers: he doesn’t die.) At the same time, we are also introduced to the main character (Hanasaki), who saves a girl from nearly getting raped because this anime is that level of “classy.”

We then jump to the next day, as we are formally introduced to all the characters of the Boy’s Detective Club nevermind the fact that there are two female members. It’s a detective agency, and also the story very obviously takes place in the FUTURE where everything is super HIGH-TECH. The detective agency consists a cast of ~quirky~ characters, including: our main character, a lazy yet apparently BADASS detective dude, another dude who is really good at ANALYZING architecture (…it makes sense in context), a SEXY police officer lady, and a GENIUS hacker loli. Their main enemy is apparently a dude called “the man of 20 faces” and their main goal is to apprehend this villain. No task is too big nor small for our detective agency, and as we see in the first episode, they treat every mission seriously–whether it be stopping terrorist attacks or… finding a lost dog.

what the hell kind of ridiculous super fancy detective agency is THIS

Anyway, Hanasaki manages to track down the lost dog, and winds up finding the suicidal boy (from the intro) in an abandoned building. The boy… ends up running away. But that’s okay, since Hanasaki manages to meet up with the boy again later giving us the most embarrassing chase scene in all of anime history. Hanasaki eventually manages to catch up to the boy, and it’s made pretty obvious that the boy has ~super special powers~ in addition to his immortality. Hanasaki wants to befriend the boy, but has to run off due to a new mission. Hanasaki drops his wallet in the process, so the suicidal boy decides to return it to Hanasaki–and also manages to save his life in the process.

Also more drama ensues and blehhh I can’t be assed to sum up the rest of this episode i’m sorry.

The shonen ai vibes are heavy in this anime.

My Opinion:

This series is giving me severe Guilty Crown and K: the anime vibes… That’s not a good thing. This anime is obviously attempting to be really EDGY and COOL to appeal to the teen demographic but it’s honestly just kind of cringeworthy and embarrassing to watch.

Never before have I seen an anime that is so “high energy” yet at the same time feels so utterly hollow in its delivery. It’s obvious that you are meant to love the over-the-top “quirky” characters. Unfortunately, nearly everyone is composed of such tired anime cliches that it just doesn’t work. Hanasaki, the MC, did end up becoming sort of endearing to me; but only because I have never seen a main character that was so stupidly reckless and also so, uh, “off-the-rails” before.

I suppose the story that this series has laid out so far isn’t that bad. It won’t win any points for originality, but at least it’s potentially intriguing. However, the pacing in this episode was a mess, making the plot almost incomprehensible. Special mention goes to the most melodramatic doggie death I have ever witnessed in an anime. The suicidal boy (with ~special powers~) accidentally kills the dog Hanasaki had been tracking, and Hanasaki ends up crying about it later. What makes the whole thing so melodramatic (in my opinion) is that Hanasaki is just all “lol okay” about the dog’s death at first, and only grieves about it MUCH later. At that point, it’s like… why the hell do you suddenly care so much??? If this was an attempt at humanizing Hanasaki, the anime sure did a piss-poor job of going about it.

Overall… meh. The animation for this series so far is really nice; and the music is actually pretty good. Everything else about this series, though… it’s kind of “so average it’s average.” If it did more of it’s own thing, Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo Shonen Tanteidan could have had the potential to be a good series. Sadly, it just feels as if this show was created by some writers throwing all the anime cliches they could think of into a box, and then blindly picking out cliches to use. And, I mean, people are already calling this a poor man’s Bungou Stray Dogs.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2

This line is meant to be heartwarming apparently