First of all… Sorry for the giant glaring watermarks on my screenshots for this review; but it was either that or horribly low quality video.

Matoi already kind of annoys me, not gonna lie.


Matoi is middle-school-aged girl who works part-time at her friend Yuma’s shrine. Matoi and her father (Shingo) only recently moved to the town, and her mother has disappeared for some reason. Matoi and her father are implied to have a fairly strong relationship, despite her father having to work long hours as a detective.

Shingo is soon called to investigate a mysterious string of events: people are suddenly collapsing. The cases all appear to be tied to a particular artist, who is now on the run. Meanwhile, Matoi and Yuma find out that Yuma’s shrine used to perform exorcisms in the past, and there’s some kind of mystical trinket that’s been kept within Yuma’s family. Yuma is amazed by the trinket, and resolves to become a magical exorcism warrior. Matoi, on the other hand, just wants to live a normal life.

I was gonna say that Shingo’s a pretty cool anime dad but… the scene that happens later on kind of ruined his character for me.

Unfortunately, things at Yuma’s shrine suddenly turn bad when the artist man shows up, apparently possessed by a dark force. Shingo, in the meantime, has been paired up with another investigator–a strange blonde woman who appears to be familiar with the supernatural. She correctly deduces the artists’ location and they quickly arrive at the shrine. Shingo attempts to apprehend the artist, but is overwhelmed by the possessed man’s strength and gets injured in the process.

At this time, Yuma tries to perform a sacred ritual, that would supposedly grant her magical powers. Amazingly, the ritual works–but the power gets transferred to Matoi instead. Matoi effortlessly beats the monster who was possessing the artist, and the day is saved. Before she can process things, Shingo mistakes Matoi for his wife, and Matoi runs away embarrassed.

Please do not play around with ancient and possibly cursed shrine objects.

My Opinion:

Oh boy, where to start with this series…

While I am not fond of fanservice in anime, I would like to think that I have a decent tolerance for it. There was a lot of male-gazey shots of the mysterious blonde woman in this episode; and while it was trite, I could stand it. But what I couldn’t stand was that horrendous scene right before the credits rolled. Shingo mistakes his daughter for his wife, and… for lack of a better term, gropes his daughter’s boobs. I recoiled at that, because 1) what the hell series, and 2) was that really necessary. It was really out of left field and was immensely uncomfortable to watch??? Even though they played this off as “comedy” it was still kind of… a major squick. (Okay, to explain the context better, Shingo runs over to hug Matoi from behind… and somehow has both hands firmly grasped on her boobs? What the fuck?)

Anyway, after getting THAT scene out of the way, the rest of the series was honestly kind of bland. It’s essentially another magical girl-type anime, except with (I think) mecha and more fighting rather than magic. Other than these aforementioned elements, this anime doesn’t do much to make itself stand out. Matoi is the cliched “reluctant magical girl.” She bemoans her newfound powers and wishes she was “just a normal girl.” Hell, her friend Yuma has more personality than her, and Yuma’s just meant to be the “wacky best friend.” The other characters (save Shingo) are also bland. Mysterious blonde woman is ~mysterious~ and also there’s Shingo’s partner who is the goofy sidekick character.

Admittedly, I did think that Matoi and Shingo’s father-daughter relationship was kind of cute–at first. But then that ending happened and I just NOPED away.

Overall, it’s your typical magical girl anime. What else can I say? There’s something awfully dated about the art style, and the attempted “jokes” are more cringeworthy than funny. The series could potentially turn out okay, as it’s pretty heavily hinted that Matoi’s mum was the previous magical girl and Matoi might actually grow to be a somewhat badass character. But with such a large focus on fanservice and… humiliating the main character for “laughs” I kind of doubt it. Yes, I still can’t get over that boob-grab scene why do you ask?

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2 1/2

I sadly couldn’t get a better shot of Matoi’s magical girl outfit. Oh well.