Our, er, hero?

Our unnamed hero is a single father working as a toilet designer. His only interests are women, alcohol, and his teenage daughter, Min. One night, he falls into a toilet while using it. In the sewers, he meets a strange man who grants him superpowers and tasks him with protecting the world from aliens. However, his “hero powers” come at the cost of his good looks – he is now a large, ugly man with a deep voice.

Min, terrified by his new form, beats him up and kicks him out of their apartment. The next day, two aliens named “Black Hoihoi” and “Iron Shrimp” appear on Earth. Our ‘hero’ easily defeats both, but Min is still disgusted by his presence.

All of the alien designs so far were similarly…….”classy”

If you like toilet humor or just gross-out humor in general, this might be the show for you. Personally, I am easily squicked out by this kind of stuff, so I wasn’t too fond of this show. The “humor” aside, the whole thing came across as a bit “LOLSORANDOM” to me. He fell in the toilet! There’s a man with a high voice! Now he’s a hero, but he’s ugly! The aliens all have ridiculous names! Also the next door neighbor talks too fast to understand and this is supposed to be funny!

Another thing I wasn’t a fan of was the high amount of sexual jokes. The protagonist using his toilet seat design career to flirt with women admittedly got a laugh out of me, but all of his interactions with women after being turned into his “hero form” were cringeworthy. Apparently, losing his looks also means he loses all charm, and accidentally finds himself saying perverted things to every woman he meets – including his own daughter. One “conversation” he has with two women literally ends with him repeatedly saying “Asses, ha ha ha.” AND DID I MENTION HE BEHAVES IN A SIMILARLY CREEPY WAY TO HIS 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER?

Long story short, this is not the kind of show that catches my interest, and frankly it left me feeling more than a little grossed out. One Dio, for having the decency to only waste 10 minutes of my time rather than 20+


I get that you only have ten minutes, but there’s got to be a better way of introducing your protagonist than “bunch of text on screen”