The hottest new sport in town is Keijo, in which women compete to be the last one standing on top of a floating platform by trying to push the others of. With their boobs or their butts. That’s right. Falling into the water or having any body part besides the feet touch the platform means instant disqualification.
Nozomi and her friend Sayaka are two up and coming Keijo players who have just started their new life at a training school with a bunch of other girls who also play Keijo. Nozomi’s background in gymnastics, and Sayaka’s in Judo, gives them something of an edge, but it turns out the other girls all have their own unique tricks up their sleeves when it comes to all the different ways you can hit someone with your butt.

honestly I could have just made this picture be the synopsis itself.

honestly I could have just made this picture be the synopsis itself.

If you’ve ever read Bakuman, one of the imaginary manga in it is called ‘Panty-Flash Fight’ and is about a sport in which two girls cat-fight whilst trying not to show their panties to the audience, and the girl who ends up showing her panties is the loser. The joke was that the series was completely goddamn ridiculous and wouldn’t exist in real life, but it was funny as a ‘manga within a manga’ thing as an example of how stupid some series can be.

Now the joke doesn’t work so well because Keijo!!!!!!!! exists.

I knew I was in for an Experience as soon as I saw that Keijo!!!!!!!! is spelled with exactly 8 exclamation marks, every time. I wondered what the relevance of this would be, and now I know it’s because it’s just that excited about butts, guys. No anime I have ever seen in my life has ever been this excited about butts. After I realised what the synopsis was I figured that this was either going to be so bad it was good or so bad it was the worst show of the year, and I am pleased to report that I have not laughed as hard at any other anime this year than I did at Keijo!!!!!!!!

I’m not saying it’s good, because it isn’t remotely. It’s complete trash. But it knows that it’s trash and it’s not trying to be anything else. It’s so completely, enthusiasticaly ridiculous that I can’t even be mad at it. This shit is goddamn funny. I roll my eyes a lot at fanservice-drenched anime but the butt-fighting in Keijo!!!!!!!! is so absurd that my mind can’t even register it as fanservice. I’m just as surprised to report it as you probably are to read it but I genuinely, honestly had fun watching this. In fact, so far, it’s been the second most enjoyable thing I’ve watched this season after Yuri on Ice through sheer butt-related hilarity. If a show is going to be a completely transparent excuse for as much fanservice as possible, the least you can do is be creative, and honestly, as transparent as this premise is it’s far more novel than ‘and then the main guy walks in on her changing and she gets angry lol!’

Because really, after the season ends, you’re going to forget you even watched generic fanservice anime 3789 where the guy walks in on the girl changing and then falls on her and accidentally touches a boob, but you’re probably going to remember the show where girls hit eachother with their butts while yelling ‘BUTT CANNON!’ and ‘BUTT GUILLOTINE!’  forever. I probably wont ever bother to watch more of it, but thanks for the laughs, butt-show.

Oh no!

Oh no!

Out of 5,