I still maintain that they don’t even look like the same character

Serinuma Kae is a chubby girl who spends her days imagining men, particularly her male classmates Igarashi and Nanashima, in romantic situations with one another. Her other obsession is Shion, a “bad boy” character from an anime called Mirage Saga. When Shion is killed off, she falls into deep depression, stops eating, and loses a large amount of weight.

When Kae returns to school, her new looks result in a sudden surge of popularity. Specifically, Igarashi and Nanashima, her underclassman Shinomiya, and upperclassman Mutsumi all seem to be attracted to her. Unable to choose, she ends up on a group date with all four. Of course, she spends the entire movie fantasizing about the guys with each other.

She also acts very unlike herself so the boys don’t find out about her true otaku nature. However, at the announcement of a limited Mirage Saga item on sale, she runs away from the boys to purchase it, and is forced to admit the truth. To her surprise, the boys are okay with this, and all four still intend to pursue her.

Nope. This is not funny.

I have to hold out some how that this show was made as a parody of otome games/anime, because otherwise this is hands down one of the worst and most cringe-worthy pieces of media I have had the ill luck of consuming. In fact, it was so bad I basically cannot think of anything clever or snarky to say about it.

Kae is an unlikeable heroine, who has downright creepy fantasies about her real-life classmates. I don’t mind fujoshi characters in things…but real-person shipping is never cute or funny. It’s just creepy, anime or no. The boys are fairly one-note and bland, with the possible exception of Mutsumi, who seemed genuinely sweet and possibly interested in Kae prior to her weight loss.

The only decent character

Which brings me to the downright worst thing about this series. High school anime in general are not my thing, as I’m pretty far removed from high school myself and dislike their tendency to over-exaggerate everything and treat those couple years as the most important in a person’s life (spoiler: they’re not). Watashi ga Motete in particular seems to focus on all the worst possible stereotypes about high school and high school media. Kae is drawn in a very unattractive manner when she is chubby, including having an exaggerated-sounding voice. (Dear show creators. No, fat people do not talk in “fat voices”. What the heck.) The boys (again, except maybe Mutsumi) show no interest in Kae until she suddenly becomes thin. And, of course, once she’s thin, she’s suddenly extremely beautiful, with gorgeous hair and eyes, having somehow maintained her curves despite having literally been starving herself for days.

….Man, writing up that rant was exhausting. Well, that’s about all I have to say about the steaming pile of crap that was this show. Even finding out that Kae’s “harem” expands to include a female member later in the show is not enough to motivate me to watch another episode. Out of 5 Dios:

None. Zero. Nope.

Also not cute