Our very sparkly protagonist, for a not very sparkly show

Koyuki is an avid player of “Magical Girl Raising Project,” an RPG centered around magical girls. At the same time, sightings of real-life magical girls have begun to occur in her hometown. One day, the game’s mascot, Fav, suddenly offers Koyuki the chance to become a real life magical girl – a chance she takes immediately. As a real-life incarnation of her game avatar, “Snow White,” Koyuki uses her power of “hearing the thoughts of people in trouble” to go around town doing good deeds.

Koyuki learns that there are fourteen other magical girls in her town, and interacts with some of them in a chat room. One, La Pucelle, takes on the role of Snow White’s trainer. She explains that the town is divided into districts, with different magical girls in charge of different districts. La Pucelle proposes forming a pair with Koyuki and working together, in the process revealing “her” identity as Koyuki’s childhood friend Sou. The two eagerly promise to work together to protect their town as magical girls.

Pucelle is a bit of a Saber ripoff, but he/she is still pretty cool

In the second episode, Fav declares that there are too many magical girls in the city, and that the number will be halved in order to prevent a shortage of magical energy. The magical girl who has the fewest Magical Candies (a currency collected by doing good deeds) at the end of each week will be eliminated. Despite the competition, witch-themed magical girl Top Speed and ninja-themed Ripple continue to work as a pair. Top Speed reminisces about their first meeting, specifically Ripple saving her from aggressive outlaw-themed Calamity Mary.

In the chat room, Snow White has a conversation with Nemurin, a magical girl with the power to enter dreams. Though Nemurin works in the dream world, her actions protecting people in dreams do not earn her Candies. On the other hand, a girl called “Ruler” leads a gang of four other girls, working them hard to earn lots of Candy each day. When the results are announced, Nemurin has the fewest Candies and loses her position as a magical girl. She transforms for the last time, visiting the dream of a small girl. Later, Nemu – Nemurin’s human form – is found dead in her home.

Poor Nemurin….

The reason why I gave this one two episodes before making my First Impression review is that none of the show’s actual plot appears in the first episode, save for the final 20-30 seconds. I felt like I’ve written so many “nothing really happened in this first episode” reviews this season that I decided to give this one one more chance before simply writing it off.

And I’m very glad I did. To be completely honest, I expected to hate this show. Magical Girl Raising Project is a combination of two things that are very easily to do poorly: a ‘dark magical girl’ show, and an elimination/killing game. Maybe it’s just that I’m excited to see another elimination game show airing after the awful Mayoiga and the lukewarm Danganronpa Mirai-Hen, but the second episode of this show really hooked me. I like each magical girl’s unique design, with themes such as a witch, a queen and even a Western outlaw. I like the slow start, with the first girl eliminated according to the rules, but hints that the rules won’t stay followed for long. And while Snow White is a little bland as an heroine, characters like Top Speed, Ripple and especially La Pucelle more than make up for it.

The “chibi” designs in the chatroom scenes are pretty cool

This show doesn’t have much “new” going for it – the mascot character is cute but shifty, there’s a large number of characters (16 magical girls) to the point where we haven’t even seen them all, and the main character is a fairly naive heroine who sees the best in everyone. Despite that, I sincerely enjoyed the first two episodes. Unless Izetta wows me with its second episode, this is likely what I’ll blog for the season.

Out of 5 Dios for the first 2 episodes:

diodiodio 1/2

I randomly liked these characters’ designs. A pity they’re probably just cannon fodder.