As this episode was pretty much just character intros, have a lot of character caps

Yuta Gamon is a NEET who makes money by running an occult-themed blog, “Kirikiri Basara”. His friend, Ryoka Narusawa, aka “Ryotas,” helps him with the blog. At the same time as Yuta uses his blog to make fun of occult stories, an organization called Occultic Science is attempting to use science to prove the existence of the supernatural. The leader of the group, Professor Hashigami, is thoroughly mocked during a TV interview, while his son, Sarai, watches with disgust.

Sarai has a strange encounter with a woman, Ririka Nishizono, who says that the Professor is in danger from demons. Still elsewhere, we meet Touko Sumikaze, a reporter at the occult-themed publishing company “Mumu,” which handles Hashigami’s writings.


Yuta considers interviewing Hashigami for his blog, but is distracted by a TV appearance of high school fortune teller Miyuu Aikawa. In yet another location, a girl named Aria Kurenaino sells her services in black magic, including curses. She communicates with a mysterious figure whom she calls “the Devil” but who is in realty named Kiryu Kusakabe. She receives a strange email about Hashigami and later finds a bloody scalp in her mailbox.

Ryotas successfully drags Yuta to school by pointing out that Miyuu attends the same school as them. His attempts to gain an interview are prevented by her aggressive fan club. But, to his surprise, she seeks him out personally and tells him she’s been waiting for him. She asks to join the staff of Kiri Kiri Basara. Yuta dispatches Miyuu and Ryotas to investigate Aria’s business, while he visits Professor Hashigami at his office. The last of the nine central characters, Shun Moritsuka, is introduced spying on the Hashigami household, which Sarai notices.

Yuta finds the professor’s office unlocked. Inside, he finds Hashigami – that is, Professor Hashigami’s corpse, next to a bloody knife!

I do want to know more about Aria. She’s pretty cool.

Occultic;Nine is based on a light novel series by the creator of Steins;Gate – which means I went into it expecting a somewhat hectic first episode with very little explanation. And yet, somehow, it was even MORE chaotic and confusing than I was expecting.

The first episode is little more than brief moments introducing the nine characters and their connections to the occult and one another. While I understand that the connections between the nine is the main focus of the show, I do wish the first episode could have narrowed its focus. Some, such as Shun, Ririka and Touko, barely got more than a few seconds of screentime, and the latter didn’t even interact with any of the others. The episode DID have a vaguely clear central theme: Miyuu joining the blog staff and Yuta’s subsequent discovery of Hashigami’s corpse. A narrower focus on that without a need to include every character would have made it a much more watchable experience.

I liked the details in the computer / blog scenes.

Aside from the confusing plot, I did like the character designs – with one glaring exception. It is 2016. Character designers should know. BOOBS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. Yes, I’m talking about Ryotas – she literally looks like she’s smuggling some kind of shelving unit under her shirt. And, of course, her chest size is CONSTANTLY brought up in Yuta’s perverted thoughts, as though the audience could forget about it for more than a second. It’s a disappointment, especially when compared with genuinely sleek, stylish, interesting looking characters like Sarai, Aria and her “devil”.

Despite the confusing plot and hectic pace, the hook at the episode’s end (the discovery of the corpse) was enough to get me to give it at least one more episode. However, I doubt I’ll choose this show to blog – writing this review took nearly as long as watching the episode itself, and I sadly don’t have that kind of time every week. Still, out of 5 Dios:


Again, pretty much all character caps….Have a Sarai.