I watched episode 2 of Flip Flappers; and while that series is still somewhat interesting, ClassicaLoid really won me over. So yeah; I’m going to be blogging it for this anime season.

Emergency house meeting!


Sousuke, Beethes, and Motes are still freeloading at Kanae’s mansion. What’s worse is that Motes mistakes Kanae’s constant anger/annoyance for “love” and begins trying to woo her. Meanwhile, Sousuke attempts to find out the secret of activating “musik,” so that he can harness it and become a famous DJ.

Beethes got good at making gyoza! …Why the heck do I find this endearing, what the hell?

Sousuke eventually overhears (from Kanae’s friend) that Kanae’s birthday is coming up; and so gathers Beethes and Motes to help him throw her a birthday party–which is really just a front to get them to play their musik. The problem is, neither Beethes nor Motes know exactly what activates it (and both seem to be suffering from some kind of mild amnesia to boot). Nonetheless, Motes is extremely motivated to make Kanae’s birthday a good one, and starts training in an attempt to activate his musik. Sadly, it’s all for naught; so the trio decide to just throw her a regular old birthday party.

This entire training montage was amazing.

I never realized how tall Beethes and Motes were…

The party goes off without a hitch, and even Kanae’s schoolmates are invited. However, Motes accidentally ruins the mood when he presents Kanae with some… oppai cakes. (Apparently, the original Mozart had a thing for slightly perverted sweets.) Motes cake pisses off Kanae so badly that she gives him a good slap to the face–which seems to trigger some kind of past life memory… which activates his musik! Motes’ musik creates a giant amusement park illusion, and everyone has fun.

Unfortunately, Sousuke still can’t figure out how musik works; nor (try as he might) can he use it himself. The episode ends with a blonde-haired woman approaching the mansion.

Motes’ transformation sequence was actually quite pretty.

My Opinion:

What the heck happened between the first episode and this one? While I found the first episode to be mainly grating, this one… was actually a really fun watch!

While Beethes and Motes are still meant to be annoying, they are thankfully far more toned down in this episode. And, I hate to admit it; but the interactions between Sousuke, Beethes, and Motes just work well. They’re a trio of idiots, which is what makes scenes with just the three of them so funny. This is the first anime in a long time that actually made me laugh out loud; so kudos to you ClassicaLoid.

Other than all the comedy and slapstick, there was actually some plot development as well. The concept of “musik” is explored some more, and it appears to be tied in some way to the ClassicaLoid’s emotions or memories of their “past life.” Which then brings up the question: are ClassicaLoids like Beethes and Motes just virtually created beings (with memories of their historical counterparts inserted into them); or are they actually reincarnations of those people? Also, let me just say now that I have no idea how true the “Mozart liked perverted sweets” comment is. I tried a search on this and it turns out that Mozart was actually a big fan of… scat humor. That would probably be inappropriate for an anime so I guess they just made him a general pervert instead? Whatever.

Anyway, this episode was pretty good! I found it funny (though your mileage on that will definitely vary). I mean, at the end of the day; ClassicaLoid is kind of a dumb and silly anime–but gosh darnit, it was fun. And anime that are fun to watch are great in their own way.

Out of five for this episode:

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Motes’ musical piece was more remixed than Beethe’s (it even had singing). This was kind of disappointing but oh well. It was still a fun scene.