Yup, I’m going to try to blog two series this season.



Continuing on directly from the last episode, we find out that Souta basically booked it back home after finding out that the mysterious kid he had been looking after was actually a tanuki in disguise. The next day, he once again meets with the tanuki, who was running away from an elderly woman. It turns out that the woman was only chasing him because she saw a tanuki damaging the local fields. Realizing that the tanuki was only hanging around the fields because it was hungry, Souta tells the tanuki that it can eat at his place anytime. Thus, it transforms back into a human boy out of happiness.

Souta are you seriously going to bathe the kid outside. I mean, he IS a tanuki, but still…

After feeding and bathing the kid, Souta makes the tanuki-boy promise not to show his ears and tail in public; for the tanuki’s own safety. He then takes the kid to the city (by train) to buy him some clothes. At the shopping mall, Souta bumps into Mai; an old classmate of Souta’s whom he had a crush on. Unfortunately for Souta, she’s now married with two young kids. Upon Mai’s questioning, Souta quickly lies that the tanuki-boy is actually a friend’s kid (whom he’s taking care of), and that his name is Poco.

I’ve actually never ridden in a train before…

Mai invites Souta and Poco to have a snack at a nearby cafe, and Souta takes her up on her offer. While at the cafe, Poco manages to befriend Mai’s oldest daughter, named Nozomi. She gives him a hair tie as a token of friendship. Although Souta bemoans his lack of a wife or a girlfriend, Mai comforts him and says that he still has plenty of time to find someone.

Both Souta and Poco eventually head back home, with the both of them having made a new friend.

Sorry Souta.

My Opinion:

This show was too cute, too heartwarming, and too relaxing for me to pass up. I don’t think it will be too hard to blog, as it’s just a slice-of-life series. So here’s hoping I can keep up with it this season.

Anyway, this was a nice episode, which mainly served just to have Souta accept the fact that he’s now taking care of a tanuki-boy; and also to introduce Souta’s former crush, Mai. Souta’s and Poco’s relationship is still adorable even in episode 2. For someone who isn’t even married, Souta manages to be a pretty good “father” to Poco; though I guess that also shows how kind Souta is.

Despite being called “Poco’s Udon World,” there was practically no mention of udon in this episode, probably due to all the plot that happened. I truly felt bad for Souta when he met up with Mai again, and found out that she’s married with two children. Ouch, that’s got to sting. But all in all, Souta accepted it pretty well. Based on the OP, there appears to be another woman who may be a love-interest somewhere down the line. Now, I’m not usually the type to like romance in my anime, but I do hope that Souta ends up with someone. But if Souta’s happy being single, that’s absolutely fine too.

Overall, this was a nice, laid-back episode. Not as exciting as the first episode, but it had a lot more heartwarming moments. Now that I think about it, we actually didn’t learn much about Souta this episode, other than that he had a crush on a high-school classmate of his. Will Souta ever actually cook udon? Will he continue his family’s udon restaurant business? Hopefully we’ll find out in the next few episodes.

Out of five:

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