Oh, Nemurin, you meant well, but….

Ruler and her allies ambush Snow White and La Pucelle, hoping to steal their Candies. Ruler uses her power of giving commands to immobilize Snow White while La Pucelle fights Tama and the twin angels. Though La Pucelle manages to defeat the three attackers, Ruler successfully steals all of Snow White’s Candies.

Ruler further angers her allies by dividing up the stolen Candies unequally, leaving Minael, Yunael and Tama with barely any. Just at that moment, Fav announces the weekly rankings – with Ruler at the bottom! As she dies, Ruler reminisces about her disappointing work life and her difficult time as a magical girl. It is revealed that Ruler, just like Snow White, was “tutored” by a senior magical girl – only that “tutor” was Calamity Mary, who brutally bullied her. Ruler recruited her subjects not entirely from a desire for servants, but a desire for protection from Mary.

EXCAAAALI….wait wrong anime

The plan to defeat Ruler was concocted by none other than the supposedly loyal Swim Swim. She stole half of Snow White’s 50,000 Candies, dividing them evenly among all of the girls except Ruler, ensuring that Ruler would end up in last place. Swim Swim, who is in reality a young girl, once idolized Ruler and dreamed only of serving her. But when Nemurin unknowingly chose her dream to visit before her death, Swim Swim was inspired to become a leader herself instead of merely serving one. It seems the plan’s success has granted her wish, as Tama and the angels willingly accept Swim Swim as their new leader.

This scene was so creepy and well done

Wow, was this episode’s plot intense! Hints that Ruler might be deposed had been scattered around throughout the previous episodes, but I had no idea that it would happen so quickly. I really liked the plot point of Nemurin having visited Swim Swim’s dream – it allows a character with a limited role in the plot to continue having a larger effect through the consequences of her actions. I’m eager to see how the dynamics of Ruler’s group changes with Swim Swim at the head, though, as the group was the central focus of Episodes 3 and 4, it will be nice to see some more of the other girls too.

I’m also liking the escalation of the stakes – Nemurin was eliminated simply through being in last place, and Ruler via a vicious plot. I heavily suspect that an actual murder/death might cause the next elimination. However, I find myself a bit wary of the new character, the 16th magical girl introduced at the episode’s end. She seems to be seeking out Snow White, and has a fairly “creepy” design – I hope we’re not getting set up for yet another episode of “Snow White is attacked and La Pucelle protects her”. While I find those two’s relationship to be adorable, it’s also fairly stagnant – they trust each other absolutely and Pucelle has sworn to protect Snow, so there doesn’t seem to be much development that could occur there. I’d much rather see some more of the other girls, especially Cranberry, who was hinted to be suspicious last episode but entirely absent in this one.

….aaand this part was ALSO creepy

My only other – fairly minor- gripe with the episode is that there seems to be little consistency in how Magical Candies actually work. Ruler initially believed they stole 2,000 candies from Snow White, implying that most girls have numbers in the high hundreds/low thousands. And then it’s revealed that Snow actually had 50,000 Candies, meaning that even with Swim’s theft she’s probably light years ahead of the other girls. While Snow is a pretty likeable main and I don’t want to see her killed off this early, between her high Candy totals and Pucelle’s protection she’s becoming a bit of a “boring invincible heroine” with no real trouble facing her. But, we’re still early in the show – that could easily change.

I felt this episode’s plot arc was the strongest so far, and liked the twist of a villain eliminated much earlier than I suspected. A solid Dio score for this episode:


Meanwhile, Sister Nana is setting up meetings with other girls. Are her intentions benevolent, or….?