Only a best friend would wake you up at 3am to go fishing.


Souta’s friend, Shinobu, unexpectedly drops by one early morning to drag Souta fishing. This marks Shinobu’s first introduction to Poco. Although Poco tries to make friends with the older man, Shinobu seems a little antagonistic towards the boy.

Don’t be mean to Poco! He’s just a little kid!


Shinobu had planned to go boating, but he makes a compromise to fish on the pier instead as Poco is coming along as well. While Souta and Shinobu fish, they chat a bit. It’s soon revealed that Shinobu probably dragged Souta fishing because he wanted to vent his troubles. Shinobu (who is the son of a hospital director and a doctor himself) is lately feeling pressured (by his mother) to get married and start a family. However, Shinobu merely wants to focus on his job at the moment.

Souta also reveals a bit about what’s bothering him. He’s currently still employed as a freelance web designer, and won’t be able to take a break from work forever. But he also feels torn about selling off the udon restaurant. Shinobu suggests that Souta take on the udon restaurant himself, but Souta is still hesitant about it.

The two guys soon get into an argument, but thanks to Poco, they manage to reel in an octopus and everyone cheers up afterwards. Everyone later crashes at Souta’s place, and a mysterious woman (who seems to know Souta and Shinobu) suddenly drops by.


My Opinion:

Gosh, why don’t you guys just call this “mid-life crisis: the anime.” I really was not expecting that much talk about these sort of adult-life matters from a series like this, but I do appreciate it. While quite a few anime now are addressing the dramatic change between high school and the college/adult life transition; not many address these more adult issues. Even though I’m no where near middle age, I can still relate to Souta’s and Shinobu’s situation. Life is hard; being an adult is hard.

Not much really happened in this episode–it was mostly focused on having Souta and Shinobu “catch up on old times.” I’m not sure how I feel about Shinobu as a character. While it’s nice to have an adult character in an anime like this that doesn’t like kids; at the same time I don’t really like how he treats Poco (though he did seem to get better about it by the end).

We also get a brief glimpse at Souta’s injury, which had been hinted at back in episode 1. It turns out that Souta seems to have some kind of leg injury that he sustained as a high school teen. I hope we’ll get some kind of explanation for that, even though I am dreading that the history surrounding it will likely be tragic.

Overall, this was a nice, laid back episode. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel boring to me even though it was just two 30-year-old dudes talking while they fished. Also, I suppose I should mention it now–There’s actually been shorts after every episode centered around “Gaogao-chan,” the mascot character of the kid’s show that Poco became interested in. It’s obviously meant to be a slightly dark parody of saccharine kid’s shows aimed at the toddler crowd. TBH I find such parodies overdone, but Gaogao-chan has managed to be somewhat entertaining. I like the paper cut-out art style, at least.

Anyway, out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

I think these shorts clash a bit with the tone of the series as a whole but at least it happens after the credits so it’s basically an entirely different series.

Look at all that blue.