This episode focuses on Franz Schubert, as he wanders aimlessly around Japan in search of his beloved “Beethoven-senpai.” Through one of Schubert’s flashbacks, we manage to get a glimpse at the true nature of the ClassicaLoids.

This is probably the darkest scene we’ve seen yet in ClassicaLoid.

At the same time, there’s a strange phenomenon going around Japan, where people are suddenly reverting back to acting like babies. But who cares about that, there’s a festival going on! Beethes, Motes, and Sousuke go to sample the gyoza at the festival. This eventually leads to a somewhat “fateful” encounter between Beethes and Schubert. Schubert is so excited to meet his “senpai” that he activates his Musik and causes everyone around him to act like babies.

There’s something strangely heartwarming about the cast just acting like one big, weird family.

Alright, this scene was admittedly kind of adorable.

Fortunately, the effects of Schubert’s Musik don’t last long. Unfortunately, Schubert ends up getting blown away by gigantic kites and is thus unable to get in contact with his idol.

Suddenly babies!

My Opinion:

The episode last week was kind of lackluster, but this is probably the first episode of ClassicaLoid that I feel the most “meh” about. I think it’s because we shifted focus to Schubert instead of focusing on the main cast. As a character, Schubert really only has three “gimmicks”: he acts like someone who was pulled from the past into the present (Schubert seemed really confused about many aspects of modern life); he is paranoid about everything and thinks everyone is out to get him; and also he idolizes Beethoven. Even though it’s hilarious to hear the line “Beethoven-senpai,” his entire schtick is maybe funny for like 10 minutes. After that, it just gets dull. Also, some of his antics are downright cringeworthy to watch; but I suppose that was the point. I cringed heavily at the part where Schubert danced along with the kindergarten kids, but I also laughed my ass off because of how stupid the whole scene was.

Anyway, I was much more interested in Schubert’s flashback. I suspected that the ClassicaLoids were made in a lab, and this episode probably confirms it. Also… who are those two other people that Beethes was seen running away with? Does Beethes even remember them, since he seems to be suffering from some kind of amnesia in the present timeline? Where does Motes factor in to all of this? I also have a lot of questions about Schubert himself. Why is he so confused about the modern world when even someone as reclusive as Chopin knew how to use the internet? Was Schubert one of the newer ClassicaLoids? Did no one take the time to “train” him? It also strikes me as a bit strange that Beethes and Motes are so sought after but everyone just ignores Schubert??? Shouldn’t you guys be more concerned that a rogue ClassicaLoid is wandering loose? Unlike Beethes, Motes, and everyone else, Schubert is actually causing widespread mayhem.

Alright, about the actual composer himself–I have no idea if the real Schubert despised Mozart; but his admiration for Beethoven was real. Schubert’s design in ClassicaLoid is also similar to how the actual composer looked (the glasses and the clothes are certainly similar). That said, I did kind of wish that Schubert would join the rest of the cast and live within the mansion by the end of the episode. His dislike of Motes and idolization of Beethes could have made for some great comedy. But he ended up getting shoved aside for the moment; which is probably for the best.

Honestly, I’m just glad we get focus on the main cast again next episode. It’s possible that Bach will be the next ClassicaLoid we will be introduced to, based on the next episode previews.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Can we get some merch of Pad-kun in the future? I love this snarky sentient tablet.