Judging by Souta’s expression, neither have you.


We are finally introduced to Souta’s older sister, Rinko (generally just called “Rin”). Unlike Souta, Rin can be kind of blunt and she’s not real good with kids.

Keeping secrets is hard.

Rin also questions Souta about Poco. Souta has a slightly harder time convincing Rin that Poco is just a friend’s kid that he’s taking care of, but she does believe him eventually. The three of them head to Yashima, which has a shrine there dedicated to tanukis. Souta briefly wonders if Poco has any connection to the place, but Poco either doesn’t know or isn’t telling.

Yashima is a real place and I’d love to go there once in my life.

The two siblings generally spend the trip reminiscing about their youth and their late father. Rin has regrets that she wasn’t able to give their father a grandchild before he passed, while Souta wonders if his father ever accepted his web design occupation. Eventually, the trio come to a rickety old bridge over a river. Poco’s foot gets stuck midway, but Rin manages to free him and calm him down. Everyone crosses the bridge without much incident (except for Souta, who’s terrified of heights); and Poco appears to have grown pretty fond of Rin.

Love this watercolor style.

My Opinion:

This was a cute and laid back episode with Souta chilling out with his sister. I didn’t realize that Rin would be Souta’s sister… and that makes my comment back in the review of episode 2 kind of terrible in hindsight, whoops. I’m glad the series introduced her early to avoid me further making a fool of myself.

Anyway, there isn’t much to talk about for this review. There was a lot of nice scenery, we get some more bits of backstory about Souta’s family, and we once again see Souta’s scar/injury. What I’m most interested in is the tanuki shrine, and whether it actually has any connection to Poco. The shrine is also shown in the OP, but it could just be a red herring.

Out of all the series I have reviewed so far, I think Poco’s Udon World is the slowest-paced series┬áthat I’ve ever blogged. The past four episodes have just been dedicated to introducing characters–Souta has yet to even cook any udon! And honestly, I’m not that mad at this series for being this slow. It just works, somehow. I still find episodes really interesting and relaxing to watch; and it just seems like the episodes end far too soon. However, I do want the plot to get going already; because this series is only going be a one cour anime (12 episodes). We are already nearing the halfway point, and I’ll be more than a little disappointed if we never learn the details of Poco’s origins.

Out of five for this episode:

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Poco’s Udon World definitely has a very strange way of doing next episode previews… Also nice face you got there Poco.