There was quite a bit of plot in this episode, so SPOILERS AHEAD!

It’s a shame that Kanae didn’t keep her long hair, but I do like her present-day short hair as well.


In this episode, Beethes once again attempts to make gyoza; except this time it’s something called a “jet-black gyoza,” with a crispy exterior and a fluffy black center. As he doesn’t have the right ingredients, Beethes fails miserably. So Sousuke and Motes go out to buy some black-colored ingredients.

Meanwhile, at the agency… Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Baranowska are grilled by two men to bring back the Classicaloids. Tchaikovsky sends out a rat named “King” to get the job done. King is shown to be able to shapeshift into a human, and manages to separate Sousuke and Motes as they make their way back home. Motes is nearly kidnapped by King, but is fortunately saved by the appearance of a cat, which King is deathly afraid of.

King as a rat is a really cute. His human form… not so much.

Moral of the episode: don’t go chasing rats into dark alleys.

Back at the mansion, Beethes cooks all the ingredients that Sousuke had brought back, but claims that it’s still not “right.” It’s only then that Chopin shows up, revealing that the gyoza Beethes is talking about is some kind of unusual sweet–it’s a gyoza with anko-bean filling. However, Beethes discovers that it’s still not quite right, and reveals that it was Kanae’s father who initially made it for him. That leads Kanae to remember the secret ingredient, which she quickly tells Sousuke to fetch.

I much prefer Motes with his hair tied up like that, rather than in a braid; but I guess it’s not a terribly big difference.

Unfortunately, King finally shows up at the mansion. With the help of Tchaikovsky from afar, King and his rat minions attempt to bring Beethes, Motes, Liszt, and Chopin back to the agency. However, Beethes manages to get a taste of the secret ingredient–a type of manju from a local shop. This motivates Beethes, and he activates his Musik to battle against King and his rats. Defeated, King and Tchaikovsky retreat.

Out of everyone’s Musik, I still like Beethoven’s the best.

That night, Beethes finally finishes making the gyoza–which is filled with the filling from the manju. Kanae questions Beethes, Motes, Liszt, and Choping about the Classicaloids, and Liszt reveals that it’s actually the four of them. Suddenly, Sousuke’s pad is hijacked by none other than Kanae’s father… who also reveals that he’s the creator of the Classicaloids!

My Opinion:

A very plot heavy episode this time (which is actually kinda unusual for Classicaloid), so there’s not as much comedy this time around. Nonetheless, it was still a fun and enjoyable episode. We return to the mansion and re-focus on the main cast. Now that all the major characters have been introduced, we finally get to learn more about the Classicaloids themselves.

I knew we would eventually see Kanae’s dad, but I didn’t expect it to occur so soon. Even more surprisingly, he’s the actual creator of the Classicaloids! Is this… experiment of his what he had spent all of his money on? Kanae mentioned that he traveled the world for some reason–was that to gather the necessary information/materials to make the Classicaloids? I think it’s practically confirmed at this point that Classicaloids are artificially created humans who have the memories of famous composers. This is apparently an imperfect process, as Beethes and Motes barely have any memory of their past lives; while Schubert retained nearly ALL of his memories. And then there’s Bach. Is he speaking solely in musical terms because that is his “schtick,” or is it because he really can’t speak in anything other than musical terms? If the latter is the case, then that’s probably another “imperfection” of the Classicaloid creation process. Anyway, the next episode preview reveals that the next episode’s title is “The First Classicaloids.” We better get a full explanation of what a Classicaloid is or I’ll be annoyed.

Other than that bombshell of a plot point, we also get to see our first Musik battle. As this is ClassicaLoid we are talking about, the battle was more on the sillier side. Still, it’s notable that, while Tchaikovsky can activate her Musik at will; she was still outclassed by Beethes, who can’t even figure out how to do the same. Sorry, Tchaikovsky; it’s probably going to be hard to beat the legendary Beethoven himself. Since we’re on the topic of music, can we please stop with the J-pop lyrics? I like classical music remixes, but the J-pop lyrics overlaid over them do ruin them a bit.

Overall, this was a solid episode. While I was happy to see ClassicaLoid had maintained its animation quality over the past four episodes, the animation quality really dipped in this fifth episode. Still doesn’t look too bad, but the characters were definitely a little less detailed than usual. I didn’t have a good place to add this, so I’ll just say this here: Since Kanae’s dad was able to take over Pad-kun remotely, I’m guessing that he also created Pad-kun. From the flashback, Sousuke is revealed to be one of Kanae’s childhood friends. It’s very likely that Kanae’s dad created Pad-kun, and then gave him to Sousuke.

Anyway, out of five I give this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Kanae’s smile is precious.