Did I mention that I hate Fav? Because I really hate Fav

Cranberry and Pucelle fight, with even the powerful Pucelle proving no match for Cranberry’s strength and experience. Cranberry overcomes and kills La Pucelle, throwing his body onto a highway to disguise it as an accident. She is then officially confirmed to be working together with Fav – they constructed a mutual agreement based on Fav’s desire to “see an exciting show” and Cranberry’s to “kill strong opponents,” and thus created the killing game.

Fav announces an update to the game which introduces items, including medicine, weapons, and an invisibility cloak. He also decides that Pucelle’s death counts as an elimination, so the lowest-ranking girl that week is spared.

Snore….Ripple, please be interesting soon.

A distraught Snow White learns from Fav that La Pucelle’s death was a murder. She considers purchasing one of the new items, but learns that the cost is shortening her own lifespan. Her indecision results in  the other girls purchasing all the items first. The Angels buy healing medicine, Tama buys a weapon, Calamity Mary buys a bag that holds unlimited items, and Swim Swim cuts 25 years from her life by buying the invisibility cloak.

Mary taunts Magicaloid with the goal of baiting her into killing another girl. The robot kils the new girl, Hardgore Alice, just as Alice confronts Snow White. However, Alice’s magic power is revealed to be healing. She revives and kills Magicaloid, saving Snow White.

I actually find Magicaloid’s human form quite cute

Oof. While many people were predicting La Pucelle would not survive, due to his/her status as the “mentor” to protagonist Snow White, I was surprised that it occurred in this episode. Sister Nana or Winterprison (whose relationship was revealed last episode) or Top Speed (who is implied to be pregnant) seemed to be getting a “death focus” as of the last few episodes, so it being La Pucelle who died instead was a twist. While Pucelle’s dying moments, the funeral, and Snow White’s grieving were effective emotional moments, I did feel that the death itself happened rather quickly. The fight took up only the first few minutes of the episode, and did come across like Pucelle (an interesting character who had had major focus since Episode 1) was sacrificed simply to show off Cranberry’s strength.

What I did like about this episode was the twist of the items. It did a good job of showing where different characters’ priorities were depending on who bought what (though we still dont’ know who purchased the luck-boosting rabbit’s foot). It also showed that Swim Swim rules the former Ruler Gang with as much of an iron fist as the leader she deposed, which is an interesting development. I also felt that this episode did a better job than the last one of spending a small amount of time on different groups of girls, though I do wish the actual interaction between Alice and Snow White hadn’t been pushed off another episode. (Magicaloid dying in a fairly ‘cannon fodder’ role didn’t have much of an effect on me, as her character was pretty thoroughly explored in the past few episodes and she didn’t seem to have any more story to tell.)


I totally didn’t cry at this party….really….

The other negative point in this episode (and honestly in the several before it, though I’m just bringing it up now) is the handling of Ripple. Ripple features prominently in the opening and in advertising for the show, seeming almost to be a second protagonist alongside Snow White. However, we’re halfway through the season and she hasn’t really done anything other than complain, look angry, and banter with Top Speed. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like her screentime could have been given to much more interesting characters, such as the lovers, Swim Swim, or our officially revealed big bad, Cranberry. (Who continued to be absolutely fabulous in this episode, even if she DID kill Pucelle).

This show will never be anything amazing, and continues to have some timing issues, but this was a solid and actually genuinely emotional episode. So, out of 5 Dios:


Seriously, I was just chopping onions…I mean it….