Udon no Kuni no Kin-iro Kemari/Poco’s Udon World Episode 5

Even though this series features a magical tanuki boy, this is the most slice-of-life series you will ever see.


Souta asks Nakajima for help with making a high school class reunion film, as Nakajima is one of the few people Souta knows who owns a car. While visiting the old high school, Souta confesses to Nakajima that he mostly agreed to help make the film because he felt it would allow him to get in touch with all of their past classmates.

TMI Nakajima
That is probably the biggest dog I’ve seen in anime.

After the school visit, Nakajima asks Souta for a favor in return–Nakajima and his father don’t seem to be on speaking terms, so it’s up to Souta to help make things a little less awkward. Nakajima’s father apparently hurt his back doing some gardening, so they all head to a local hot springs to bathe. While at the hot springs, Nakajima again bails; but Souta manages to talk a bit with Nakajima’s father. While relaxing after the bath, Souta finally tells Nakajima that he can’t keep avoiding his father forever; and that he (Nakajima) should treasure the time with his father before it’s too late.

Souta you are a terrible liar.

That night, Nakajima finds out that his father had been trying to grow pineapples, which are his favorite fruit. Although Nakajima’s relationship with his father is still rocky, they are now at least on speaking terms again. Meanwhile, Souta gets an urgent call from someone back in Tokyo regarding his job.

My Opinion:

Finally! Plot! It’s only the start of some plot, but at least it’s plot nonetheless.

Not much for me to say about Nakajima and his father. The outcome of their relationship was predictable for this sort of series, but it was still heartwarming to see. As the episodes go on, it appears that Poco’s been getting a lot less of the focus lately, which I’m fine with. I feel like Poco was only ever inserted into the story as a way to keep the audience interested while the real story was explored: and the real story mainly concerns life problems that adults face. I do like that Poco is shown to be getting much better at talking now. He’s actually starting to talk in full sentences!

Once again, we get a mention of Souta’s leg injury in this episode (it’s basically a once an episode thing now?). At the rate this series is progressing, it’s likely that we won’t learn the full story of his injury until the last episode. But more importantly, there is some sort of trouble with Souta’s job! Judging by the next episode preview, Souta flies back to Tokyo… apparently with Poco in tow. Will we finally learn the full extent of Souta’s job? Will Souta finally make a decision to either return to Tokyo and resume his old job; or move back home to run the restaurant again? Come on Souta, you can’t keep waffling like this! …But I can understand why he’s so hesitant, because it’s a fairly big and life-changing decision, after all.

Overall, an okay episode. As nice as Nakajima reconciling with his father was, I am getting a bit bored of all these episodes with little plot. At least things are finally moving along now, even if it took nearly half the season to get there.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Gotta get one last jab in at your father, huh?

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