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I think it’s safe to say that from here on out, there’ll probably be massive SPOILERS in these reviews.

The longer this series goes on, the more I feel sorry for Kanae.


Continuing directly from last episode, Kanae’s dad takes the time to… not explain much about the Classicaloids at all, other than that he created them and they are essentially human just like any other person. But he does mention that he sent Beethes and Motes over to help pay off the family debt, before he logs off.

The next day, Kanae’s pretty obviously bummed about the new information, and Beethes tries to cheer her up by opening a gyoza restaurant at the mansion to earn some cash. Unfortunately, this just makes Kanae even more angry, and she tells everyone to scram.

That poor shoebill did nothing to deserve this.

So I guess we can blame Kanae’s father for making Beethoven obsessed with gyoza…

Bach is really big.

The next day, the Classicaloids are nowhere to be seen. Trouble suddenly strikes when a woman (who works for the Agency) calls in a demolition team to finally demolish the mansion once and for all; because Tchaikovsky failed in her mission. Luckily, the Classicaloids were actually fairly close by (including Schubert!), and they all activate their Musik to save the mansion. While their Musik does halt the demolition team, their Musik all mixes together, nearly causing a city-wide disaster. Fortunately, Bach’s own Musik is able to neutralize the cacophony and peace returns to the mansion. The demolition guys again run away, so the mansion manages to stand another day.

Didn’t get a screenshot of Liszt’s Musik last time, so here you go. Personally, I do like Liszt’s magical baton the most out of everyone else.

And Kanae once again finds herself having to look over the Classicaloids.

My Opinion:

Sadly, we didn’t get as much explanation for the Classicaloids as I had hoped. We do get to see more scenes the lab that they were created in, however. Although I had predicted that Beethes and Motes were the very first Classicaloids made, I think this episode confirms that it was actually Bach. This would also probably explain why he’s so powerful compared to everyone else.

Some other confirmations from this episode: There are only eight Classicaloids in all. This means that unless Kanae’s father somehow creates a new one over the course of this series, all the characters we’ve seen in the OP/ED are all the Classicaloids we are going to get. Another confirmation: the Classicaloids are human, but they appear to have been produced through a process akin to alchemy? They are definitely mentioned to be “reincarnations,” but the specifics of the Classicaloid making process hasn’t yet been explained. One last thing that this episode confirmed is that mixing Musik together is generally not a good idea.

This was another episode that was fairly heavy on the plot, so there wasn’t much comedy this time. Honestly, I’m just glad we’re finally getting some explanation for the Classicaloids at all. Surprisingly, Schubert is also back! I was expecting him to be absent for much longer, but I’m sure a lot of people are happy about this development (as he appears to be the fan-favorite out of all the Classicaloids). While he’s not my favorite, I still did want him to be incorporated into the main cast, so I’m also happy about this.

Overall, a decently entertaining episode, with a pretty good dose of plot. There were lots of little callbacks in the all-out Musik segment, which was nice.

Out of five, I rate this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

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