Udon no Kuni no Kin-iro Kemari/Poco’s Udon World Episode 6

It’s been a while, but Poco actually gets some focus this episode!


Because of a workplace emergency, Souta rushes back to Tokyo with Poco in tow. The emergency call was sent out by Hiroshi, a co-worker of Souta’s who was partnered up with Souta to work on a big project.

When Souta shows up at his workplace after his two weeks leave, his boss (a man named Hamada) isn’t happy. Souta and Hamada have a meeting, where Hamada basically flat out states that Souta needs to make a decision: either return to the company or resign. This is because Souta is now looking after Poco, and Hamada understands that looking after a kid is hard work.


Hiroshi hears word of this, and becomes upset and takes his anger out on Poco. Poco (seemingly traumatized) refuses to eat or drink anything all day and becomes sick that night. Because he’s a tanuki; Souta can’t take Poco to a hospital and so tries his best to take care of Poco at home. Hiroshi learns of Poco’s sickness from Hamada, and rushes over to Souta’s place to apologize–very nearly stumbling upon Poco’s secret. Fortunately, Souta’s quick thinking saves the day.

Even magical tanuki kids can get sick.

The next morning, Poco is better; and Souta returns to work–to hand in a letter of resignation. But before he leaves for the countryside again, Souta asks Hamada if he can help Hiroshi finish their current project. Before having their final goodbye, Hamada mentions that there’s a website design company in Souta’s countryside.


My Opinion:

Well, seeing as Poco’s name is in the series title itself, it was pretty obvious what decision Souta was gonna make. Still, I’m glad this series handled Souta’s decision with the right amount of seriousness. Making a decision like this is never easy in real life; and while Souta is lucky to still get a somewhat happy ending, many people aren’t so lucky. But we only have one life to live, so I guess you sometimes have to go with your gut feeling rather than what seems to be the most “correct” decision.

Anyway, Hamada and Hiroshi were the two new characters introduced this episode. I’m glad that both characters are eventually shown to be good people, even if Hamada seemed kind of mean at first; and Hiroshi was definitely in the wrong to take his anger out on a kid like that. To be honest, I kind of like Hiroshi a little more as a character over Nakajima but that’s just personal preference. I just like Hiroshi’s (somewhat adorable) weirdness over Nakajima’s cynicism and bitterness.

Other than the introduction of two new characters, I think this episode nicely showcases how inexperienced Souta still is with taking care of children, because he almost neglected Poco for his job. Fortunately Souta realized his mistake before Poco got too sick. That said… why did the most serious episode of the series have the absolute funniest scene so far? Souta panicking and putting Hiroshi to sleep made me laugh out loud. For someone who panics so easily, you sure do know how to handle emergency situations Souta!

Overall, a good episode. Not a very happy episode, but at least we finally get some closure on Souta’s job situation. We still have six more episodes left to go, and I’m not sure which direction this series is going to go in now that one of the more major plot points have been taken care of. Will Souta decide to take on his father’s udon restaurant? It’s pretty unlikely at this point, but I still hope something gets done with the restaurant because that was the whole reason why Souta returned back to his hometown in the first place.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Poco always manages to win everyone over eventually.

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