There are SPOILERS in this review.

Schubert: The biggest Beethoven fanboy.


Motes suddenly goes feral and retreats to the nearby forest, and no one is quite sure why. Motes does, however, cause sort of a local phenomenon, as people mistake him for some kind of UMA called “Hamagon.” Kanae tries to ignore it at first, but Motes is still technically one of her tenants, so she reluctantly goes off with Sousuke to try to bring him back home.

Schubert is basically the “butt-monkey” of this series, huh…

After avoiding numerous traps set by Motes, Kanae and Sousuke manage to meet face to face with Motes himself. They are unsuccessful in convincing him to return home. Suddenly, lightning strikes the peak of a nearby mountain and Motes rushes towards it in a panic; with Kanae and Sousuke following behind.

Tchaiko-chan, you’re not gonna be able to bring anything down with a water gun.

At the mountain’s peak, there is a fallen fawn. Apparently, this was the animal that Motes had been taking care of for the past few days, and he flies into a rage at the scene. Using his Musik, Motes plays a “Requiem” and basically rains flames down upon the mountain. Fortunately, Beethes comes by and manages to snap Motes out of his fury/sadness.

This is cute I guess?

Motes’ despair ends up being all for naught, as the fawn is actually still alive and okay! Despite Motes’ affection for it, the fawn immediately runs off and Motes learns to just move on… until he finds another baby animal to protect, that is…

So does this make Motes the most dangerous Classicaloid out of the whole cast? At least there’s Beethoven to keep him in check.

My Opinion:

This was kind of a weird episode, but okay. Normally, I’d be touched by a story like this; but I don’t know, the delivery of this episode wasn’t great. While having Motes fawn over a… fawn is strangely adorable, I feel like the whole “Hamagon” plot point could have been done away with. Plus, the fawn ended being okay despite all the angst so it basically rendered all of the emotional impact of this episode a moot point.

I guess my main gripe with this episode is… why Motes of all people? This would be something more in-character for Liszt to do (except that Liszt probably wouldn’t jump off the deep end and act like some possessed person). I guess it’s to show off that Motes is a deeper character than he seems? That’s fine, but the way the story played out, it felt like an awfully ham-fisted way of doing so. There honestly wasn’t all that much foreshadowing that Motes was taking care of a fawn in the first place. Obviously him scaring away people and making traps makes sense in hindsight; but the episode probably would have worked better if we got even a brief hint of the fact that he was taking care of a baby animal from the beginning instead of just getting “lol that Motes guy is acting really weird!” for half an episode. (Also, Motes, did you seriously try to feed a baby animal gyoza? What the hell?) At least the last few minutes of the episode were satisfyingly epic, and the remixed song this time was really good even with the singing. I guess the moral of this story is to never piss off Motes because holy cow.

That said, I felt a lot more entertained this episode by watching everyone other than Motes going about and doing their own thing. Tchaikovsky and Baranowska appeared in this episode… just to go hiking and pick mushrooms and they weren’t really even involved in the plot. But it was still nice to see them. And gosh, I was right about Schubert being a great addition to the mansion. His relationship with Beethes and Motes is amazing.

Anyway, as an episode, this was kind of a mixed bag for me. Come on ClassicaLoid, I know you can handle serious episodes better than this!

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Because the previous Motes-centric episode (episode 2) was better than this.

Sousuke are you okay