Grannies seem to come in two flavors: They’re either really nice or… really blunt.


After quitting his job, Souta and Poco have returned to Kagawa. Before Souta attempts to find some new work, he and Poco just relax and enjoy the countryside for a bit.

I love that Poco’s default form at home is in this half-tanuki, half-human state.

In this episode, Souta has to babysit Nozomi, Mai’s daughter. He takes Nozomi and Poco to a nearby GaoGao-chan event, and learns a little bit more about the people of Kagawa in the process. Souta also learns about some of the pains of parenting as well.

The backgrounds in this series are still lovely.

As much as I aggressively do not care about GaoGao-chan, this dance segment was still pretty cute.

My Opinion:

This episode was basically all fluff and almost no plot; but that’s fine. It was a cute and fun episode, and was entertaining enough for what it is. After all the dramatics last episode, I’m glad we have another cutesy-happy episode that focuses more on Poco.

As expected, Souta still has no plans to re-open his father’s udon restaurant. Which makes sense, as Souta didn’t seem to have been trained by his dad to cook udon (before he left for Tokyo) and Souta’s main skillsets have to do with graphic design anyway. Although it’s a little sad that we’ll probably never see the udon restaurant go back into business, it’s understandable with the way the story is going. In hindsight, making this series’ English name be Poco’s Udon World was probably a little misleading. The Japanese title literally translates to something more like “The Golden Furball of Udon Country,” which makes a lot more sense since the series set in a prefecture that is famous for its udon, not because the series is actually about udon. But I guess “The Golden Furball of Udon Country” doesn’t have as nice a ring to it.

Anyway, this was an overall good episode. My only gripe is that I think GaoGao-chan is being pushed a little too hard by this series. I mean, Sweetness and Lightning had Magi-girl, but that faux-children’s show felt a lot less obnoxious than this one. At least as far as faux-children’s shows go, GaoGao-chan is still one of the better written ones. I just find the after-episode segments kind of pointless.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

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