The idol life ain’t fun.


Liszt takes Kanae out on a “girls’ day out,” whilst also inviting Tchaiko and Bąda; the two members of the famous idol-group “Claskey-Klasky.” And also Sousuke stalks the girls for some reason.

The group basically engages in typical “fun” activities, such as going to a cafe, a spa, shopping, bowling, etc. Although Tchaiko and Bąda are initially rather cold to Kanae, they eventually warm up to her once they realize that they all have trouble with men in their lives.

Angry cake eating!

Angry karaoke singing!

Nice disguise Sousuke.

The girls all end the night on a fancy rented boat. Unexpectedly, Bach calls up Tchaiko and Bąda. Liszt puts him on speakerphone so that Tchaiko and Bąda can finally let off some steam at their manager; but the two are too scared to do so… So Sousuke does it instead. This eventually leads to Liszt using her Musik and letting everyone yell their innermost feelings.

Oh that Liszt and her theatrics!

After everything is said and done, Tchaiko and Bąda have to return to the agency; but they look forward the next girls’ night out. Kanae, Sousuke, and Liszt also happily return home to the mansion.

My Opinion:

I had been wondering when an episode of ClassicLloid could make me laugh again, and this episode certainly delivered. I was giggling throughout this entire episode.

There wasn’t a whole lot of plot this time, just a lot of scenes of characters goofing off. But it was still an entertaining episode. Kanae definitely needed to have some fun after all the crap she went thought. There is also something strangely amusing about just how seriously Tchaiko and Bąda took their “girls’ day out.”  The only thing I don’t get is why Sousuke stalked them for the entire episode. I mean, yeah, it was funny; but at the same time that’s kind of creepy? Did he have any reason beyond mere curiosity?

Anyway there was an awful lot of fourth wall breaking here, and a lot of references to the actual composers’ lives. ClassicaLoid probably isn’t the most historically accurate anime out there, but at least they try. Liszt’s Musik this time was a bit lackluster. The composition itself is fine, it’s just that the singing/lyrics again overpower the actual song; which is something I’ve never been fond of with this anime. At least the Musik illusion space gave  us some pretty great gif-able scenes.

Overall, I thought this was really fun and funny episode. How much you like this episode will definitely hinge on how much you can stand anime characters just goofing off. The animation quality was also rather low this time, although I’m not too annoyed by it as this episode wasn’t terribly plot-important.

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

This anime is a little too on-point sometimes.