Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 9


A friendship too good to last

Calamity Mary’s destruction of the highway continues. Ripple challenges her while Top Speed, Snow White and Hardgore Alice rescue civilians. During the fight, Ripple accidentally activates a land mine set by Mary and is saved by Top Speed at the last moment.

Motivated by Ripple speaking honestly for the first time about her desire to be a good Magical Girl, Top Speed agrees to help take down Mary. After several failed attempts to attack her head-on, Ripple kills Mary by throwing the shards of a broken window at her. However, just as Ripple and Top Speed are celebrating their victory, Swim Swim appears and stabs Top Speed from behind, killing her. An enraged Ripple fights Swim Swim, but her projectiles are ineffective against the latter’s ability to turn her body to liquid, and Swim Swim escapes unharmed.

Don’t mess with Mary

Minael takes advantage of the chaos to attack Snow White, but is frustrated by Alice’s healing powers. Snow White hears the thoughts of a distressed Tama, ruining the planned surprise attack. Tama runs away, but Minael manages to shapeshift into Alice’s stuffed rabbit, who Alice takes with her when she leaves the scene.

We actually see Nana’s suicide (only implied in last episode) accompanied by Fav’s narration of recent deaths. He decides that, although they are now below the stated number of eight magical girls, the number will now be lowered to four. After considering the remaining options, Swim Swim decides to target Alice, on whom Minael has gathered intelligence, and the ever-elusive Cranberry.

I forgot how freaking TINY Minael is

This episode was a return to form for Magical Girl Raising Project. It focused almost entirely on a single continuous narrative, and featured the conclusion of the conflict between Ripple, Top Speed and Mary. In an earlier review, I stated that I hoped Ripple was given more to do. Well, she definitely has been. I do like her a lot better now that she has had more focus. Her defeat of Mary using her power in a unique manner (to throw glass, rather than shuriken), was one of my favorite non-Pucelle related fight scenes in the series.

Initially, I worried that Top Speed’s fairly obvious death would be a dull repeat of La Pucelle’s, but, instead, it provided an interesting contrast. Whereas Pucelle’s death increased Snow White’s determination not to kill, and instead focus on helping others, Ripple seeks vengeance for Top Speed. Likely, this will lead to another confrontation with Swim Swim, which should be interesting, given the advantage Swim’s powers give her over Ripple.

I don’t include many caps of Tama, so here she is

I also liked that, despite her continued pacifist stance, Snow White’s powers were shown to be incredibly useful in this episode, as she heard Tama’s thoughts before Tama could attack her. It seems now like things might come down to Snow White vs. Ripple, as they’re our two ‘protagonists’ – and I honestly hope that’s not the case, and I don’t want to see either die.

However, this episode did contain one major negative point in the form of a scene that was basically pure shock value. I’m not talking about the death of the pregnant Top Speed – her pregnancy was well-foreshadowed, and it was a neat if sad reminder that people from all walks and stages of life can become Magical Girls. No, I refer to the suicide of Sister Nana, implied last episode and shown outright in this one. I feel like the implication alone wasn’t enough. We didn’t need to see it happen, especially in the way it did – one scene at the start of the episode and one at the end, with a lot of focus on Nana being surrounded by pills and alcohol. I felt the imagery was excessive and her grief was conveyed well enough without it.

Still, that aside, this was one of the stronger episodes of this show and receives this many Dios:


I’ll miss your smile, Top Speed

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