Udon no Kuni no Kin-iro Kemari/Poco’s Udon World Episode 8

“Somewhere beyond the sea…”


Souta and Poco visit Shodoshima so that Souta can check out “Team Planet” and see if he can get work there. And, oh yeah, Hiroshi decides to tag along too. When Souta and Poco first arrive at Team Planet’s headquarters, the boss is out so they visit a popular tourist spot called “Angel Road” in the meanwhile.

You can’t do this to me anime; you can’t hit me with this much cuteness.

Souta somehow falls asleep and Poco wanders off and gets stuck on a fishing boat. When Souta wakes up to find Poco gone, he’s obviously frazzled. Souta, Hiroshi, and a lady who works at Team Planet all split up to look for Poco. Souta meets with an actual tanuki and briefly mistakes it for Poco.

Fortunately, Souta and Poco are soon reunited as the fisherman drives the boat back to shore. Amusingly, the fisherman also turns out to be the boss of Team Planet.

Awww. :c
“what” is right.

My Opinion:


While there’s been some slight drama every episode, I think this is the first episode of Poco’s Udon World we’ve gotten that was this emotional. As Sweetness and Lightning featured an episode with Tsumugi getting “lost,” I suspected that Poco’s Udon World would eventually tackle the topic as well. And well, this is what we got this episode.

What I liked the most about this episode is that Souta acknowledges the possibility that Poco might not be able to stay with him forever. This point was sort of glossed over in the earlier episodes. And I do wonder about that myself. It’s fine that Poco can shapeshift into a human kid, but can he still “grow” even though he’s a magical tanuki? It would be weird for Poco to stay a kid forever, right? I get the feeling that this series is far too optimistic and upbeat to separate Souta and Poco at the end of the series, but who knows what will happen? I also really, really like that it’s shown how attached Souta has become to Poco. Souta basically sees Poco as his child now, and that’s really sweet.

Other than that, I’m really glad to see Hiroshi again, even if he was kind of annoying this episode. Dude, stop whining about being single and deal with it. Even so, I still prefer his energetic personality compared to Nakajima’s brooding and pessimistic attitude.

Overall, a rather touching episode. There was also really lovely beach/ocean scenery to boot. In the next episode previews, it looks like *gasp* Souta will actually cook udon??? Is this really happening?

Anyway, out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

You’re not gonna get a girlfriend with an attitude like that, Hiroshi.

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