There are SPOILERS.

Geeze Motes, you could at least try to act a little concerned about your friend.


After seeing a live concert being advertised on the big screen of a building, Beethes has swapped out his obsession with gyoza for an obsession with guitars. But Beethes doesn’t know how to play the guitar, so Sousuke “generously” offers to teach Beethes with his (Sousuke’s) own guitar.

I think this is the first time we’ve had a proper look at Sousuke’s room. (Episode 1 gave us a few short glimpses of it.)

I still love this mansion’s design so much.

Beethes ends up modding Sousuke’s guitar, which Sousuke is obviously not happy about. After causing a blackout to the sheer amount of electricity the guitar now uses, Beethes seems to suddenly recall something from his past life. Meanwhile, Sousuke finds out about a guitar competition to win a fancy, expensive guitar. He manages to convince Beethes to join the competition; which (unbeknowst to them) is actually hosted by the big scary Agency.

That guitar is a mess.

Everyone helps with re-modding the guitar so that it’s able to be used for the competition. But Beethes is unsatisfied with the result and appears distracted–having trouble fully recalling his memories. He walks though the city streets at night, and happens upon a street performer lady playing on a guitar. Seemingly inspired by her, Beeths arrives at the competition just in time the next day to perform.

Unfortunately, just as Beethes starts to perform, Bach (who was in the audience) motions for the power to be shut down. This blackout fully jogs Beethes memories, as he finally remembers how he became deaf in his past life. Using his Musik, Beethes makes his own guitar for himself with his magical baton and plays a truly amazing concert. In the end, Beethes seems to be finally satisfied, as he’s been given another “chance” at being a performer with his new life. He gives the guitar he won over to the street performer as thanks.

I can’t even imagine losing my hearing if I were a musician. That must have been like a personal hell.


My Opinion:

Ah geeze, this was such a great episode. See, episode 7? This is what you could have been! There was a really great mix of humor and drama in this episode, and I think the subject of Beethoven’s deafness was handled really well. While the purpose of the Classicaloids is still kind of crappy (they were brought back to life just so they could perform for the sake of the Agency, it seems); at least there is some good that came out of it. Mainly in that it gave all of these composers a second chance at living a (possibly) better life. And gosh am I a sucker for plotlines like that.

Anyway, there was so much about this episode that I liked. I loved seeing everyone at the mansion interacting like some kind of weird, big family. I loved seeing Beethes being passionate about music (which makes a whole lot more sense than being obsessed with gyoza of all things). I loved seeing that Bach may actually not be as “evil” as he first appears (the motivation for the blackout appeared to be more for Beethe’s benefit than to shut him down). And I loved seeing that, despite being self-centered for most of the episode, Sousuke actually put aside his selfishness at the end to comfort Beethes. Sadly, despite all of these points, the Musik that Beethes plays this time was… okay. The composition is again kind of marred by how overpowering the lyrics/singing is. It’s really distracting, and I would love for ClassicaLoid to stop doing that, thanks.

Overall, this was a great episode. I think Beethes may be the second Classicaloid (after Bach) who actually plays an instrument. The others haven’t, and Tchaiko and Bąda are just idol singers (which is really weird to think about in hindsight). From the OP, it does look like Motes may play a synthesizer later on; so maybe he’ll end up becoming a performer as well. Next episode previews hint that the next episode will focus heavily on Chopin as he… seems to get obsessed with some kind of virtual game? Most of the cast have already gotten their second character-focused episode, so it’s about time Chopin gets some more screentime.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

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Rock on, Beethoven.