why is he so weird and creepy

whyyyyy is he so weird and creepy

It turns out that Yurio’s grandfather is fine after all…for the moment, at least, he just wasn’t feeling well before. But seeing him again perks Yurio up enough to be able to give one of his greatest performances so far…eventually, anyway, because first we need to get through this agonizingly ridiculous subplot about Michele’s weird obsession with his sister Sala.

Sala finally tells him that he needs to skate without her watching for once in his goddamn life and to get over himself, and he takes it pretty hard. However, all the emotion resulted in him putting in his own personal best, so everything ended up for the best. Hurray! Now let’s never speak of this pointless subplot again.

Not everyone is doing that well, though – Seung Gil apparently did very badly and is now out of the running. And without Viktor, Yuri doesn’t do too well himself – although he manages to calm himself enough to put in a passable performance, ensuring that he barely scrapes by.  Yurio attempts to cheer him up (first by kicking him, because he’s Yurio) by pointing out that even though he himself just managed his own personal best, he still lost to goddamn JJ – as beating the smug Canadian has been one of his personal goals since the contest started. The two even manage to share a rare pleasant moment of something vaguely resembling friendship for a little while.

Later, Yuri reuinites with Viktor…and Makkachin! He’s okay, guys! The reunion is all very emotional, leading to another Moment between the two.

lol suffer, grumpypants

lol suffer, grumpypants



I loved Yuri's weird, mildly disconcerting hug-crusade.

I loved Yuri’s weird, mildly disconcerting hug-crusade.

Mappa didn’t kill the dog! Hurray! I don’t care if people think it’s a cop-out or anticlimactic or whatever, I’m glad Makkachin didn’t die.

What I can’t help being a little disappointed in is that I don’t think the show really took full advantage of Viktor’s absence. I really was expecting there to be a little more to Yakov being Yuri’s temporary coach, but…nothing noteworthy seemed to happen at all. I was also hoping Yakov what drop some important info about Viktor’s past (or present), but nothing on that either. It wasn’t entirely pointless because it showed how much Yuri needs him, and led to that powerful reunion scene, but I really think that we could have got so much more out of this if we’d dropped that goddamn Michele and Sala subplot. Because it was just…weird? I get that it was intended to mirror Yuri and Viktor’s situation of one not being able to skate without the other present and them needing to learn how to do that, but holy shit could Michele be any more weirdly creepy about his infatuation with his goddamn sister? The thing is, I like Sala, so I was glad she was starting to tire of his crap and her being all ‘hey dude listen I kind of actually do want to date guys and stuff without you being a creep about it’ was a nice little bit of commentary about overly zealous guys who think they are being chivalrous when they try to ‘protect’ women, but it was still not something I think honestly needed the attention it was given.

Yurio finally gets a really nice moment to shine in this episode as well – two of them, actually, his routine was pretty phenomenal (as ridiculous as his outfit may be) but the scene with him and Yuri later in the snow was also really nice.

Of course the most memorable moment in the episode is the reunion scene at the airport, which is definitely one of the loveliest scenes in the show so far. There are just so many little things about the scene that I love – the beautiful piano music, the way they start running as soon as they see each other (and the way they look at each other while doing so), that hug (and the bonus points for Makkachin trying to join in)not to mention the amazing voice acting.. With Viktor now apparently vowing to stay with Yuri until he retires – and then going on to say he hopes he never will – it’s definitely framed like a marriage proposal (Viktor even then comments this, just in case it’s too subtle). Whether it actually is or not – we still got a few more episodes. But in all honesty with how well this show has been doing, a season 2 is a real possibility, and that kind of throws a spanner in how things could develop.

Thanks for this lovely scene, Mappa (and also thanks for not killing the dog).

Aww, Yurio is capable of being a sweetie.

Aww, Yurio is capable of being a sweetie.

...is he kissing his ring finger?

…is he kissing his ring finger?

I love everything about this moment (including Makkechin)

I love everything about this moment (including Makkachin)

Out of 5,