Yuri on Ice Episode 10

time to review That Episode!

time to review That Episode!

No skating in this episode – with the Grand Prix Final looming, everyone needs to take some time off from it all to try and relax a little. It’s the kind of thing that Viktor has apparently never made enough time for, and in his narration this episode he reveals that he’s been neglecting both life and love for as long as he can remember.

He also gives the audience a run-through of all the main competitors for the final – the key new addition being Obek from Kazakhstan. Obek may look serious and formidable – but he’s actually quite kind on the inside and approaches Yurio to ask to be friends (and also to rescue him from his fangirls). Apparently Obek and Yurio used to train together, but they’d never really talked, and they really hit it off in this episode.

Viktor and Yuri decide to have some fun on their own by going sight-seeing around Barcelona and spending entirely too much money. Eventually Yuri buys a ring so expensive he had to pay for it in installments and gives it to Viktor as a ”””””””’thank you good luck charm””””””””…although Viktor already had one prepared especially for him. Then Sayo Yamamoto said ‘look, fuck it’ and had Viktor straight up tell the others that they are engagement rings and that he and Yuri are getting married. If he wins gold in the final, that is.

And if you thought that was the biggest bombshell the episode would drop, we soon find out that during the banquet after the Final last year, even though Yuri says he never got to talk to Viktor, he actually did. It’s just that he got completely and utterly smashed and never remembered it. And talking wasn’t all he did, he engaged in a dance battle involving both breakdancing and poledancing and at the end of it all asked Viktor to be his coach with as much charm as a shitfaced drunken guy can muster, which was apparently the precise moment Viktor fell in love with him.

I really loved Yuri's matter-of-fact reaction to this image.
I really loved Yuri’s matter-of-fact reaction to this image.
too cute for this sinful earth
too cute for this sinful earth
I never expected this duo, but I approve of it whole-heartedly.
I never expected this duo, but I approve of it whole-heartedly.

For the second time, a Yuri on Ice episode nearly broke twitter, and this time even more than the last. It’s not hard to see why because honestly just one of the huge events this time would have done that, let alone having them both in the same episode.

It’s nice to see that the gloves are off and Viktor (and Yamamoto) has stopped skirting around his intentions. It’s also nice that while Yuri was undoubtedly flustered at calling the rings wedding rings (despite the fact that he bought what was literally called a ‘wedding ring’ on the receipt in the store, thank you keen eyed observers for spotting that), he also didn’t even try to deny that they were engagement rings. To be honest, Yuri’s real reaction to knowing he gets to marry Viktor after all felt like the only thing really missing, because we dont really get his thoughts on it as he is immediately interrupted by JJ trying to upstage the new fiancees with his own fiancee. (the way literally no one gave a shit about JJ’s upcoming marriage despite giving a round of applause for Viktor and Yuri made me laugh a lot too) The way he puts the ring on Viktor says an awful lot, but he also was calling them ‘good luck charms’ (whatever), but given what a massive goddamn dork he is, it’s a little understandable. I still can’t quite put into words how happy I was when Viktor declared them engagement rings right when I was worried about the show trying to be as gay as it could without committing to anything. It almost felt like Sayo Yamomoto was staring right at the people who keep saying the show is queer-baiting as he said it. It’s the most refreshingly honest, straight-up thing anyone has said in this show so far.

To be honest I cant quite decide if the engagement or the reveal that it had been Viktor pining for Yuri all along that was the bigger deal in this episode, but one things for certain…that flashback (which was absolutely amazing, by the way, and told through a series of phone photos) changes the entire show. Until now, it had always kind of bugged me a little why Viktor of all people would show up out of the blue deciding to be Yuri’s coach, why Viktor even knew where he lived, why Viktor was so buddy-buddy with him in a way I was always worried the writers could easily brush off as ‘those wacky foreigners’. Not only did Viktor reveal in this episode that this behaviour is actually slightly out of character for him in this episode, all his actions towards Yuri – right up to him being upset when his attempts at flirting don’t work – now make complete sense. The only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why nobody at that party ever uploaded a single one of those photos online (pictures so hilariously ridiculous I had a hard time deciding what to cap) and thus Yuri never remembered it. (I’d say it also doesn’t make sense why Viktor was so enamoured by a breakdancing poledancing shitfaced man grinding on him while asking to be his coach but hey, love is blind I guess).

And, once again, poor Yurio has his moment of character development overshadowed by other things. The parts with him and Otabek were extremely solid, though. I’d been wanting to see Otabek since episode 1 and he was definitely worth the wait.

It’s gonna be damn hard to top this episode, but man is it going to be fun rewatching the series with the new info in mind. I have a feeling quite a lot of scenes are going to take on a new significance on a second viewing.

I like how he has his laptop, phone and tablet all out at once.
I like how he has his laptop, phone and tablet all out at once.
this terrible world does not deserve this show
does this terrible world  deserve this show

Out of 5,

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