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Episode 10 Summary:

After shunning the real world (and real people), Chopin stumbles upon a virtual idol creator app and becomes utterly obsessed with an idol he created, which he names “Jolly.” However, even he soon angsts over the limitations of a computer A.I., and accidentally triggers his Musik to make her a sentient virtual idol. She soon gains fame and popularity for her songs and her “high quality movements.” While Chopin is at first happy to comply with Jolly’s demands and create new compositions that she can sing along to, he soon finds her demands overwhelming—after which she promptly abandons him.

There’s just something really sweet about this particular scene… They’re all just content to sit on the ground around Chopin.

After learning of this, Sousuke and co. decide to help Chopin with his dilemma. Chopin attempts to use his Musik to enter the virtual world in order to seek out Jolly, but sends Sousuke and the others there instead. With the assistance of Pad-kun, they’re able to find Jolly fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Mitsuru (Bach’s assistant) had been lying in wait and uses some kind of virus in order to capture Jolly and analyze her data. To prevent her from getting captured, Chopin uses his Musik to break her free. Sadly, this also has the side effect of nullifying the Musik that he had used to make her sentient. Before she disappears, Jolly reveals that she was only trying so hard to be famous for Chopin’s sake; so that more people could hear Chopin’s works. And so, Chopin’s short-lived love comes to an end…

I never expected Pad-kun to get an official humanized form but you know what? I am okay with this.

Okay okay, I’ve got to try thinking up something poignant to caption this with… “Jolly is best waifu” Nailed it.

My Opinion:

While I have mainly positive feelings for this episode, there are some things I have to criticize this episode for. The first is that the whole “recluse-type character gets obsessed with a virtual thing” has been done into the ground in anime, and as a whole the trope is kind of… insulting? It’s just such a prevalent and somewhat mean-spirited stereotype. The second thing I have to criticize is the ending to the episode. In comedy anime like this, status-quo tends to be god—which of course means that Chopin remains obsessed with virtual idols. Which also means that any character development Chopin had in this episode is completely rendered moot. I know it was for the sake of a joke but come on. It would fly better if Classicaloid were more of an episodic-styled series. But Classicaloid has proven by now that it’s not; which makes jokes like that come off as bad writing.

Minor rant aside, I did really like this particular story. Finally we get an episode that is solely focused on Chopin. While he did share the spotlight with Liszt in a previous episode, that really felt more like Liszt’s episode because all Chopin did was… try to hide from everyone else. So it’s great that we finally get a look into Chopin’s thoughts, and get a better idea of Chopin’s personality. His “romance” with Jolly was definitely tragic, mirroring his historical counterpart’s relationship to a lady named George Sand. And, alright, I admit it—I’m a sucker for stories where characters end up forming a strong connection with a robot/virtual being.

While I am still not a big fan of Chopin’s Musik, this episode does continue the trend of having Chopin be strongly associated with technology. Why he’s associated with technology is beyond me (is this some sort of composer-related joke?), but at least Classicaloid is consistent when it comes to character theming.

Overall, I thought this was a good episode despite the ending. There wasn’t as much comedy this time (Chopin’s obsession with the virtual idol was more cringe-worthy than funny imo) but the story writing was good where it counted. Also, humanized Pad-kun is just the best.

Out of five for this episode:

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Episode 11 Summary:

Beethoven WILL make you accept your victory whether you want to or not.

Kanae claims that she needs to go visit an ailing uncle and attempts to get the Classicaloids (and Sousuke) to successfully manage the household chores around the mansion without her. After some bickering back and forth, everyone finally decides on their chores to do. It’s only then that Sousuke finds out that… Kanae is actually just trying to sneak off on a vacation with her closest friends. Nonetheless, Sousuke attempts to help put her mind at ease after seeing her so stressed out.

Unfortunately, the Classicaloids are just not made for doing housework, as chaos ensues.

Chopin’s trying his best to help.

Even Schubert is not above laughing at his beloved “senpai.”

My Opinion:

Okay, this is probably the funniest episode of Classicaloid that we’ve had so far. The character interactions, the jokes, the comedic timing… everything was just perfect. I was laughing out loud throughout this entire episode.

I did not initially understand why Schubert was so popular as a character among the fandom, but I think I understand now. His interactions with the other characters (Beethes and Motes especially) are just hilarious. Of course, everyone else had their own moment to shine, such as Liszt trying to be some kind of “symbol,” and Beethes trying to (badly) cover up after Motes’ mishap. I always thought that Classicaloid was most entertaining when it just featured the cast goofing off, and I was not disappointed here.

This is probably the first episode we’ve had that didn’t directly show off the Classlicaloid’s Musik powers. And, I guess, in a way this could be considered a “filler” episode. There wasn’t anything plot-significant that happened here. But if this was a filler episode, then it was a darn good one. If you’re gonna make filler episodes at all, at least make them as entertaining as this one was.

Classicaloid will probably always remain a ridiculous and silly series. I can’t deny that. But gosh darnit this anime makes me laugh and that’s enough to make it a “good” anime in my book.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

R.I.P. mansion