Welcome to like 50% of this episode.


Five girls whose names I couldn’t even be bothered to remember are students in some special all-girls academy that also secretly trains teams of girls to fight monsters called “O’bli.” The girls who fight monsters are known as “Strikers.” The group of girls that we are focusing on form a team named “Altair Torte.”

Our five member team.

They are the underdogs at their school and I guess this series will chronicle their attempts to rise to the top or something.

Even their magical girl uniforms look generic and uninspired.

My Opinion:

This has got to be the most generic magical girl-esque show I’ve ever seen. From the characters who all see to be suffering from sameface syndrome, to monsters that are just… undefined vaguely humanoid black blobs. I know this series was adapted from some kind of phone¬†visual novel app but sheesh. I’ve never seen so much unoriginality. It’s like the writers just grabbed some typical anime storylines and character archetypes and mashed them all together and slapped some new names onto them.

The girls are barely defined. One of them is “the leader,” one of them is “the sporty one,” one of them is the “oddball one,” one of them is the “mystery nut,” and one of them is the “genki one.” Also, just what the heck is this series trying to be? Half of the episode was devoted to dull school shenanigans (I guess in an attempt to get the audience give a shit about the girls), and the second half was forced exposition about the monsters and a really tightly squeezed in fight scene. Look anime; either be a straight up action series or a slice-of-life. Don’t do both.

Overall, all I can say is that this series (from what I’ve seen so far) is really generic. Fortunately there’s nothing really offensive about this series. It’s just boring. Even the “action” scenes were so dull they had me yawning.

Out of five:

precure heart2 and 1/2

At least the animation is kind of nice?