Get ready for a whole lotta nothing

Kamita is a high school boy with no idea of what he wants to do in the future. He has a study partner named Hikari Tsuneki, for whom he is developing feelings. He does well on his exams, but spends most of his summer vacation thinking and worrying about what Hikari is up to. Realizing he feels inferior to Hikari, he decides to enroll in a two-week summer cram course. On the first night of the course, a girl climbs into his window, but the episode ends before we get to see her face (although it’s pretty obviously Hikari).


Ikuo is my kind of character and even he managed to be dull

As you can probably tell from the brief summary, Seiren is not one of those shows where very much happens. It’s a high school romance, which according to the OP will likely focus on several girls, though this episode is solely dedicated to Hikari. Like most of these shows, it has an uninteresting male protagonist. Kamita’s defining “character trait” is meant to be his indecisiveness and worry about the future – not nearly interesting enough to make me care about him as a lead character. Hikari is not much better, being “playful” and “struggling in school” and not much else. The only other character who got any focus is Kamita’s friend Ikuo, who is nice enough but mostly serves as a sounding board for the bland Kamita’s various worries.


Did I mention that all the girls have the same hair?

I’ll be completely honest: I nearly fell asleep just watching this first episode. The show is just so SLOW. I think the creators were trying to go for a more “realistic” feel, based on the subdued art style, but…real life has things happen in it. I really don’t have anything else of note to say besides how dull it was. The background music was kind of pretty? I guess that was nice? Overall, it was still one of the slowest 23 minutes I have ever experienced.

Out of 5 Dios:

dio 1/2


Glasses guy is the cram school director. I think he’s meant to be funny. He’s not.