Meet the world’s most insufferable protagonist.


You Keika is a 23 year-old fortuneteller, who never has good business because he’s too much of a smartass for his own good. So he works as a computer repairman on the side. Because he’s poor, he goes through the city’s dumpsite for parts. One night, he sees a man named Tanmoku Ki fighting an evil spirit, though doesn’t really think much of it.

that escalated quickly

Later that night, a depressed Keika wishes he could be reincarnated–and is promptly run over by a truck and dies. Now a spirit taking the form of his younger self; Keika is repeatedly asked by Ki to form a spiritpact with him. Keika being the little shit that he is keeps refusing, and is eventually kidnapped by the evil spirit from before.

every time Keika talked I just wanted to punch him in the face

Ki goes to rescue him, but is overpowered by the evil spirit and her cronies. In desperation, Keika agrees to form a spiritpact with Ki. This allows Ki to finally exorcise the evil spirit; and Keika’s new life begins.

woohoo i guess

My Opinion:

Some background info on this series: This is actually a Chinese animated series that had been dubbed in Japanese this season. And Crunchyroll’s sub of this series appears to be based on the Japanese script. As this is actually a Chinese animated series and not really an anime proper (as it’s not made in Japan), I’m tempted to give this series a little slack for seeming a bit unpolished. The animation is admittedly pretty choppy at times; but it looks loads better than a few of the other Chinese animations that I’ve seen, so I won’t rail on it too much for that. No, I will instead criticize this series for its incredibly bad characters and pacing.

Keika is probably the most infuriating protagonist I’ve ever had to witness. He’s childish, he’s obnoxious, he’s dumb, he’s vain, and he’s selfish. He has almost no redeeming qualities at all. I say “almost” because Keika is shown towards the end of the episode to be “a jerk with a heart of gold;” but honestly he’s more “jerk” than the “heart of gold” part. Meanwhile Ki is just… the obvious “seme” character in this obviously BL series.

The pacing of this episode just drags. I hope you like tons of exposition in your first episodes, because this was basically what it was. Also, really bizarre unfunny humor. I mean, every culture has its own sense of humor but even I think this series fails to be funny for its Chinese audiences. I also cannot get over Keika’s death scene. It basically read like this:

Keika: man i wish i could be reincarnated
Truck on the road: *slowly drives up behind Keika*
Keika: *turns around slowly* wha– *apparently gets hit by the truck and freaking dies*

I’m definitely nominating that scene for “most unintentionally hilarious scene ever.”

Can I also just talk about Keika returning to his “younger form” as a spirit? Supposedly, the reason this happens is because people return to the state at which they were happiest in their lives–which for Keika was when he was a middle schooler and his parents were still alive (oh yeah, did I mention that his parents are dead because *drama*?) While Keika’s now supposedly de-aged to be a middle schooler, he barely looks any different than how he was alive as a 23 year old??? His hair’s longer, and that’s it. Wow. Also, since the series is obviously shipping Keika and Ki, it’s kinda uncomfortable that they’re shipping what looks like a grown man with what is essentially a middle school boy? This is somewhat handwaved away by Keika being dead and a spirit and not actually 15; but that’s still an uncomfortable thought.

Overall, this was a valiant attempt by a Chinese animation company to produce a series of this size; but I’m sadly not that impressed. This one episode seriously felt like it lasted hours.

Out of five for this episode, I give:

precure heart2

Keika that is not how you exorcise evil spirits