Pictured: about half the dialogue in this episode

Yuu is a quiet boy who has recently moved to Tokyo. While out walking, a girl named Fuuka runs into him and is convinced (because he had his phone out to use Twitter) that he was trying to photograph her underwear. She takes his phone and breaks it. The next day, he goes to visit his new school and sees her standing on the roof. The EXACT SAME misunderstanding occurs, and his phone is once again broken.

Of course, Yuu and Fuuka turn out to be in the same class. Despite her unfriendly behavior, he ends up going to a movie with her. Yuu has trouble finding her because she doesn’t have a cell phone, and so she screams at him some more. They pretend to be a couple to get some exclusive items. It is, predictably, extremely awkward. By the end, Yuu seems to actually like her, despite her yelling and breaking his phone twice.


Yet Another Bland Male Lead

This series actually had 2 episodes release at once, and I initially planned on watching and including both in this First Impression. However, the second episode included more panty shots/talk about panties less than 5 minutes in, and I gave up. Seriously, it’s 2017. Aren’t we over using “guy accidentally sees girl’s underwear” as a plot point by now? Apparently not…(Not to mention the completely random scene where Yuu’s three sisters lounge around their shared housing in their underwear, which had no purpose whatsoever and was just highly uncomfortable.)

I kind of feel like this show was an attempt to appeal to a modern audience, with lots of references to phones and Twitter and the ‘comical’ (actually awkward) scene where Fuuka and Yuu can’t find each other at the station because Fuuka doesn’t have a cell phone. However, I did not find the show appealing. Rather, it was a consistent mix between dull and awkward. Fuuka’s behavior was pretty terrible, and yet we were still supposed to believe that Yuu was falling for her by the end of the episode? She attacked him and broke his phone. TWICE. That just immediately sucked ANY believability out of the ‘romance’ plot for me. I wouldn’t give someone who intentionally broke my phone a second look, let alone date them.


His sisters have cute designs but MAN are they annoying

Apparently, Fuuka is actually a deep/emotional series about music. I wish that had actually come across anywhere in the first episode besides the opening, which shows the characters performing as a band. All I got was a forced ‘romance’ between a generic “angry, but sometimes she’s cute” girl and a bland guy whose only personality is being a total doormat to both Fuuka and his constantly arguing sisters. The constant references to Yuu’s childhood friend who is now a popular idol also hint at a love triangle in the future – who knows, maybe she’ll turn out to be a decent person and he’ll abandon Fuuka? Given the title of the series, probably not.

Boring, full of cliches, uncomfortable, and has one of the most unlikeable female leads in recent history. Out of 5 Dios:



Keep it that way, Yuu. She ATTACKED you. TWICE