First off, I just want to apologize for how terribly late I am on these next few FIs. I had a family vacation of sorts over this past week, and only really got the chance to watch these shows now. I’ll be frantically trying to catch up on FIs and reviews over the next week or so; so hopefully I’ll be able to get back on schedule soon.

The OP for this show is criminally cute.


In a world where demi-humans live peacefully alongside regular humans, Takahashi is a high school biology teacher who has an interest in demi-humans. He wishes to study demi-humans for his thesis paper, but his efforts to meet demi-humans have so far been unsuccessful. Although a new math teacher is revealed to be a demi-human (a succubus), Takahashi is unable to talk to her because she’s so skittish.

Well, she’s not entirely wrong.

Luckily for Takahashi, he soon finds out that three students at the school are demi-humans. One is Hikari, the vampire; the second is Machi, a dullahan; and finally there’s a yuki-onna. Because of her carefree nature, Hikari is the first demi-human that Takahashi manages to interview. However, Hikari soon recruits Machi to join in too.

I love Machi already.

My Opinion:

Oh my goodness. Is this real life? This series is what I wanted Monster Musume to be. I actually really love the concept of monster girls. And I really love the concept of demi-humans attempting to fit into human society (or vice versa). Although Monster Musume did “attempt” (and I’m being really generous when I say that) to portray how demi-humans are discriminated against, the focus was more on the fanservice. Not so much the case in Interviews with Monster Girls, I’m glad to say.

While the “monster girls” in this series don’t look too far out of the ordinary (other than Machi, who’s a dullahan); I’m actually really glad for that. As much as I like monster girls who look more like monster girls; A LOT of the more exaggerated designs tend to basically be fetish material. So if that’s the case I’d rather take these “plain” designs over something like that anyday.

Anyway, the plot so far is pretty inoffensive. It’s about a dude who wants to interview demi-humans. This show is a bit more of a laid-back and slow-paced series, which is fine by me. Judging from the ending of the episode, this feels like it could be a pretty heartwarming series as well. The characters so far are okay. Takahashi is just your average dude (based on the first episode), but I do like that he’s a bit more muscular than most male protags that we usually see in anime. Hikari’s personality is actually pretty hard to explain, but I’m really liking her as well.

The only thing I have to criticize is that vaguely uncomfortable scene where Hikari talks about sucking someone’s blood and Takahashi makes a comment that the way she describes it sounds sort of erotic. Like dude, what the eff? Isn’t that a really inappropriate thing for a teacher to say to a student??? At least the series makes it clear that Takahashi has no romantic/sexual interest in Hikari (thank god). Other than that, I guess some people might find the art style of this series kind of simple? I think it fits the tone of the show well imo.

Anyway, I rather liked what I’ve seen of this show so far. It manages to be a little above average for me, so who knows; I might actually blog this series.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

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