Spoiler: This doesn’t last long.


Gabriel is an angel who gets sent down to earth to study the human world after graduating from angel academy. However, she soon gets addicted to an MMORPG and becomes a slacker as a result. This anime follows her daily life as she interacts with her classmates, Vigne and Satanichia (both devils), and Raphiel (a rather sadistic angel).

The higher up they are, the harder they fall?

Oh anime and your ridiculous character names.

My Opinion:

The whole “angels that act terrible and demons who are actually good” trope has been done many times in media before, but I guess this is the first time I’ve seen that trope used for an anime series. Never before have I seen it played so straight. Both angels just happen to be really terrible people? Really? And also both demons just happen to be good people, really? I think this trope works better when there’s still a few angels/demons who are actually good/bad; but whatever, I digress.

As a series, Gabriel Dropout does remind me a lot of Umaru-chan. Thankfully, Gabriel as a character isn’t as annoying as Umaru was, because she still acts like a terrible person in public as well. However, I feel like her “transformation” into a slob was kind of half-assed. While it’s not far-fetched for someone to become so addicted to video games that they turn into a slob, I wish the anime made this transformation a little more believable. The anime basically skipped Gabriel’s “downfall” and thus it’s a little hard to accept that someone as diligent as Gabriel could suddenly become this massive slacker.

The humor in this series honestly felt a bit grating to me. It’s just… lots of screaming and that’s not very funny. Also, the whole joke of “look how bad these angels are in comparison to these devils!” is such a tired joke and isn’t nearly as clever as this show thinks it is. At least the animation in this series is slightly on the higher end, I think.

Overall, a fairly average show. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad series, it’s just kinda “been there, done that.”

Out of five, I give:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Vigne was the only character that I somewhat liked.